You, Me, and the Dog Days of Summer

You Me and the Dog Days of Summer

Yes it’s that time of the year again, Summer. When things slow down, the weather gets warmer and our thoughts seem to drift away like a puffy cloud across the sky.

Here in Richmond Va, those summer days eventually turn into heat index, hazy, lazy days when being outside is a chore in itself. Therefore the time I can spend outside with my two pugs, Sushi and Espy are always precious.  We attempt to go down to Maymont park when the weather and heat permits, and walk around the lake and just enjoy summer breeze and outside atmosphere.

The pugs love it when we break for lunch because they know they will get an extra special dog treat. Lately they have had the benefit of one of our new products the Himalayan Dog Chews.  They truly love these treats but I can’t decide if they enjoy the bully sticks more. Knowing these two pugs, they are just trying to play me to get more treats and chews.  But I love them and spoil them, and who am I to deny them of a special healthy dog treat.

As it continues to get hotter and hotter outdoors make sure that when your dog is outside that they have plenty of water, are only outdoors for a limited amount of time, and have ample shade to retreat from the sun. 

We would recommend making your dog(s) healthy summertime cool snacks like homemade ice cream or yogurt.  Make this even more fun by stuffing that ice cream into your dog’s beef trachea, hollow shin bones, or toys with treat holes in them.  We are sure that your dog will appreciate this cool summertime snack. 

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