What All Dog Owners Need To Know About Dog Bones

December 03, 2018

As any dog owner will know, dogs adore treats. Whether they are provided with a tasty chew or a bone, this addition into their diet is not only a great way to treat them, but is also a fantastic way in which to praise them for great obedience or learning a new trick or discipline. However, as a dog owner it is important that you are fully aware of which type of dog treat is best suited for your dog to ensure that he gets only the best in terms of vitamins and nutrients and that you get the most for your money.

Dog bones provide a myriad of benefits for dogs aside from acting as a form of entertainment. Gnawing on dog bones can help to satisfy the craving to chew that many dogs possess, helping to stop your dog from chewing on items or furniture within the home. Secondly, giving your dog a bone on a regular basis can help to remove plaque from their teeth, control the level of tartar in the mouth and stimulate their gums which in turn, can help stave off gum disease. For young puppies, chewing dog bones can also help to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with teething. As many dog owners will find, providing your dog with a treat such as a dog bone is also a great form of entertainment and you will find he is kept happy for hours as he chomps away on his treat.

There are a number of different dog bones on the market at the moment and most dogs will possess a specific chewing behavior, meaning that some types of bones may not be suitable for them. If your dog is somewhat of a devourer, you may want to invest in a dog bone which cannot be demolished in mere seconds. In this case, it is advantageous to purchase a nylon based dog bone which is sturdier and will be harder for him to consume in quick succession. You can also purchase a number of specially made long-lasting bones which are beneficial for eager dogs. Natural beef bones can be found with a range of different fillings which are ideal for picky dogs and are also renowned for being long lasting.

If your dog is a little less eager to demolish his dog bone, it is advantageous to look into buying him a rawhide bone which over time will become soft. These can be found in a range of shapes which vary from the traditional dog bone which makes them ideal to be used as a form of toy and treat. However, as this form of dog bone can fall into small pieces easily, it may be worth keeping this treat for inside the home where you can keep an eye on him while he enjoys his treat, and eliminate any blocking or choking.

Similar to humans, dogs can have days where they are disinterested in a certain type of flavor one day and love it the next, so it is a good idea to purchase a number of dog bone types for your special friend to keep him happy. Not only will the frequent ingesting of a dog bone strongly help his dental health and keep him happy and healthy, but it could potentially save you money as he is less interested in chewing on your shoes or furniture! So, treat your dog with a range of fun and tasty dog bones he will enjoy for hours!