Weekly Drool Recipe: Bully Stick Popsicle

Summer is fully upon us and many areas of the country are going through early heat waves! Best Bully Sticks headquarters in Richmond, VA has experienced first hand the hot and humid temperatures, and we’re soaking up every bit of air conditioning and cool drinks as we can!  Now imagine this: what if you had to deal with all the heat, and you were covered in a thick layer of fur! Sounds pretty uncomfortable right? That’s what your pup is putting up with right now!

To help your pup beat the record setting heat this summer, make sure you give him plenty of water, keep him indoors and to be extra nice, make him a cold treat! This week’s Weekly Drool Recipe comes from an ingenious reader and customer, Deb Eldredge! Deb, a DVM, lives with three Belgian Tervurens, with whom she participates in just about every dog sport! She writes about Belgians for Examiner.com, which is where her recipe first appeared. Thank you so much Deb for sharing this recipe and the great photos of your Belgians! Deb used this recipe for her Belgians, but any dog will love this icy and tasty Bully Stick Popsicle recipe!

“This recipe is easy to make with ingredients you may already have at home and gives your Belgian the added benefit of some chewing exercise. By using organic yogurt and bully sticks from grass fed South American or US beef you are also providing a chemical free treat.

Make up 2 cups of low salt beef bouillon. Because Belgians tend to cool off by panting and only sweat via their paws, they don’t lose the large amounts of electrolytes that people and horses do when sweating. Low sodium is healthier for your Belgian.

Mix this in a large bowl with about half a large container of organic low fat plain or vanilla yogurt. The low fat version is healthier than the no fat versions that generally contain some additives. Stoneyfield is a good and readily available brand. You can add more or less yogurt in the future as you see what consistency your treats end up and what mix your own Belgian prefers.

Put about 1/2 cup of the mix into small bathroom cups. You could also use popsicle molds. Then add a four-inch bully stick (Best Bully Sticks is a favorite brand). Put the cups into a pan to hold them upright and set on a shelf in your freezer. Leave overnight.

The next day, the cups will have hardened but aren’t as hard as ice cubes. It may be easiest to simply cut the cups and pull them off before feeding. Ideally your Belgians will eat these in their bowls but that is not always the case, so be prepared for a little mess. This makes a great “cooling off” treat for Belgian of all ages from seniors to puppies.”

Thanks, Deb!

If you have your own version of a bully stick recipe, we’d love to hear more about it! You could be featured in the BBS Weekly Drool Recipe as well!

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