We Are Proud to Offer Our Naturally Shed Elk Antlers

pug_licking_lipsSushi & Espy are doing cartwheels over our Elk antlers and aren’t afraid to show it! So, if you can imagine we are happy to announce the arrival of Elk Antlers for dogs. Much like deer antlers, these are a great, long lasting chew for your pooch. These antlers are our private label brand and come from Elk in the Rocky mountains (they are naturally shed). Elk are typically much larger than deer, which makes their antlers even bigger, making for an even longer lasting chew. Antlers also have some nutritional value due to the trace elements and minerals that are contained inside of them.

Why our Elk Antlers Chews for Dogs are a paw above the rest:

•Chews hold up longer than most other types of chews
•Safe to chomp as dogs grind them down slowly over time.
•Contain many beneficial nutrients and nothing artificial.
•Have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture.
•All natural
•Naturally shed, recycled dog chew

•Don’t splinter
•Come in all sizes for small & big dogs
•Dogs love em’
These single ingredient chews come from a renewable resource naturally. There are no added ingredients in the processing of our natural Elk Antler Dog Chews. The come in all sizes.

No animals are harmed in the collection of our antler dog chews, these are naturally shed every year.

So, what are you waiting for give them a try!


Do you have a bone to pick with us?

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Give the gift of  a good chew.  Delicious & all natural, the way nature intended!

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