Valentine’s Day Carob Dipped Dog Biscuit Recipe : 101 Dog Care Tips- Tip 89

Valentines Day is all about showing your devotion with lots of hugs, kisses, flowers and of course chocolate. Love is in the air and so is the smell of fresh baked goodies! So pledge your love to your furry companion with homemade dog treats and a few belly rubs. This Carob dipped dog biscuit recipe is sure to make your dog weak at the knees and is the perfect way to say “I Love You!”


1 Egg

1/4 Cup applesauce

1/2 Cup beef or chicken broth

1 Tablespoon honey

1Tablespoon molasses

1/4 Cup oil

2 1/4 Cups whole wheat flour

2 Cups carob chips


  1. Preheat oven to 300 F
  2. In a large bowl, combine egg, applesauce, broth, honey, molasses, and oil. Gradually stir in flour.
  3. Dough should be stiff, add flour or water to adjust.
  4. On a well floured surface, roll out dough into 1/4 inch thickness.
  5. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make shapes from the dough
  6. Place on lightly greased cookie sheets and bake for 30 minutes, or until the cookies are golden brown.
  7. Melt carob chips in microwave or double boiler.
  8. Dip half of the heart into the melted carob.
  9. Place cookies on waxed paper and let stand until carob is set.
  10. Devour
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