Trust by Lynda Kuether


Today, BestBullySticks is proud to share with you our 2nd Place winning “If It Weren’t For Fido” essay.  When we read Lynda Kuether’s story around our offices, we were all reminded of the short but precious the lives of our four-legged friends truly are, but how we love watching them every step of their wonderful lives. We know you’ll enjoy reading Lynda’s story about Margret.


We think Margret came from a puppy mill where she was used as a “breeder;” kept in a crate so small she couldn’t even stand up. She had no reason to trust. When she was of no more use, she was tossed out! She had no reason to trust. She was found days or weeks later dragging herself slowly across yard after yard. This is how she arrived to St. Francis CARE (Community Animal Rescue and Education). She had no reason to trust. When we took her home, she had no reason to trust.

If it weren’t for Margret…we’d have no reason to trust!


Margret was a BIG soul in a small body and she weaseled her way into our heart in…well…a heartbeat! For 5 months Margret enriched our lives, and made us see life differently. Not necessary through her eyes but by her side. We watched her struggle to learn to walk again. We watched as she learned to trust people again; or, maybe for the first time ever. We watched as she taught us potty trips in the winter REQUIRED cuddling, swaddled in a blankie until she warmed up. We watched as she “ran” across the living room and claimed the dog bed so large she looked like a stuffed animal laying in the middle of it. We watched her learn to climb a single step and then two and then a full flight. We watched as she got her very first taste of Christmas ham and lit up like a Christmas tree!

We watched as she learned to eat each meal with gusto. We watched as she learned to RUN down the hall to eat said meal with gusto. We watched as she accepted our help and love when we decided this lovely little girl didn’t need to climb stairs ever again and we carried her each and every time. I watched as my “big dog loving” partner crawled quietly out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and slept on the couch so Margret wouldn’t have to sleep alone. We watched with glee as she stole a hoof from one of the big dog’s toy pile and chewed it excitedly!

We listened as she learned to announce her displeasure at being left home alone each time we would walk back in. I learned there was nothing I could do to alleviate this displeasure, only Jen could fill that hole for Margret. We watched as she chewed her first ever pig ear and growled at the big dogs, for the first and only time, when she felt her pig ear was at risk. We heard her bark, just once, when she was left on the couch and everyone else was around the corner in the kitchen. We watched as she struggled to catch her breath. We watched as she eagerly took her medicine wrapped in braunschweiger every morning and night. We watched as her disease took its toll on her little body but not her soul! And on May 12th, we watched as the light went out of her eyes when her body finally betrayed her soul.

Our hearts shattered that day. Our sweet angel, Margret-Pug-a-lug is gone.


But if it weren’t for Margret-Pug-a-lug, we would not know: 1. That, even a small body can house a LARGE heart. 2. To live life with gusto every day. 3. That little dog pee is much easier to clean up than big dog pee. 4. That with patience, we can all learn to trust and love again. 5. That when you love someone, you should “scream” it from the top of the stairs EVERY chance you get. 6. That you should never miss an opportunity to EAT. 7. That when you miss someone, you must wait for them where they CAN’T miss you. 8. That you should never miss an opportunity to SNUGGLE. 9. That even the little things make a big difference to someone. 10. Most of all we wouldn’t know to NEVER give up and to continue our journey to help save the lives of the unfortunate discarded pets of this world.

So, Margret, 5 months just wasn’t enough. We still had so much to learn. Rest in peace our sweet, courageous angel, your struggle is over!

Thank you for sharing Margret’s wonderful story, Lynda! Stay tuned for the next week to read our 3rd place winner’s essays!

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