Trick or Treat!

It is approaching that time of year when the leaves start falling, the weather starts cooling down, and we start deciding what to dress our dogs up like for Halloween.  Millions of Americans every year choose to dress their dogs up in their favorite costume of the year.  Some of our favorites this year are a football costume for those manly pooches, equipped with a face mask and helmet and a cheerleader costume for the dainty ladies.  Some others that we found pretty cute were the dog/alligator costume, the dog dinosaur, or the quintessential “hot dog”!

Besides being just plain fun, dog psychologists have actually shown these types of bonding experiences between owner and pooch to be therapeutic.  It is not only great for dog and human interaction, but great for dogs to get out and interact with their doggy friends.

Just like with kids if you are trick-or-treating make sure to check all of the treats you receive and make sure that they look okay prior to giving them to your dog.  And of course, if your pooch doesn’t actually get any treats, you can always find a good bully stick here!

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