Treating Your Canine Companion With Dog Chews

Dog chews are a great way to keep your dog happy and occupied-perfect for those times when you are unavailable to play with him and keep him entertained. In addition, they are a great way in which to keep him well behaved at times when your home has visitors or you are required to leave him alone for a short period of time. However, with such a broad range of dog chews on the market, it can be hard to decipher which is the best for your canine friend.

From researching dog chews online, you will discover they can be purchased in a wide range of shapes and sizes. It is best to decide which size you will purchase for your dog based on his size. For example, if your dog is rather large, refrain from giving him small dog chews which he will devour in mere seconds. Steering away from smaller chews can also help to eliminate choking as some dogs can be guilty of gulping down small treats in the hopes they will be provided with another one! Smaller chews will be ideal for smaller dogs that may not only eat these slower, but may also struggle to carry around larger chews. Should your dog suffer from any dental complaints, it is also ideal to refrain from purchasing hard chews which may cause them pain or discomfort and opt for softer varieties. If you are struggling to find a chew that he will enjoy, always ask the advice of your vet.

Although it can often seem perfectly fine, it is advisable to refrain from simply handing your dog and chew and leaving him to enjoy it unsupervised. Although dog chews are designed for dogs, they can, at times be hazardous. As it becomes softer with constant chewing, dog chews can break off in small pieces which can cause choking or can cause harm to your dog’s mouth. While it is not advised to keep a constant eye on your dog while he enjoys his dog chew (he may fear you’re after it!), it is advisable to check on him every so often. Where possible, encourage him to enjoy his dog chew in the same room as you and should any sharp pieces come off the chew, always dispose of these.

Similar to us humans, dogs can have odd behaviors when it comes to eating. Whereas some dogs will have no problem in enjoying dog food or a dog chew with others nearby, some may become very defensive. Should someone unknown or another dog approach a dog that is chomping on a chew, he may become slightly aggressive or warn them off with a small growl or nip. In the event that you are having visitors round, it is advisable to place his chew outside where he will feel less threatened or in a different room in the house. This will help to give him a protective barrier, meaning not only will he enjoy his dog chew more, but he will be less vulnerable to choking as he will not feel obliged to rush.

Dog chews should be used as a treat or a reward for good behavior, and it is important to instill this in your dog. Only provide him with dog chews when he is worthy and even in the event he has not finished with his chew, you are in your right to remove it. However, in order to do this successfully, it is best to teach him good behavior from a young age in order to eliminate any nipping or aggressive behavior. With practice, your dog will not only have a good behavior and temperament, but he will be more eager to please you in order to gain that all important chew!

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