In For A Treat: Behind the Scenes of BBS with Amanda Vance

You’ll hear her before you see her as she brays from around the corner. The tallest Great Dane in the building is a scaredy-cat and her name is Tuesday. She appears every Tuesday, tall, sweet, and enjoys being fed treats by hand and chest scratches and she’s the lovable pup of our Creative Director, Amanda Vance.

One of the things we want to do at Best Bully sticks is show you behind the scenes to the people who make all the magic happen and of course- our pets. We love dogs! They’re in the office every week, some are more roaming of the halls, coming up for a cute head scratch, others are desk hoverers with their pet parent keeping an eye on them. Tuesday is definitely our most vocal addition, but she’s a welcome one.

Tuesday is not Amanda’s only pup. She also brings in her smaller, furrier, and more laid back little-man, Rogue, into the office as well. We sat down and asked Amanda a little where she got her pups and her role here at Best Bully Sticks. In her own words below she describes her pups and her role here.

“Tuesday Matilda (named after the beers Black Tuesday by The Bruery and Matilda by Goose Island) is a black Great Dane with white markings. In June of 2014, she was adopted out of a litter in Virginia Beach born from Wounded Warrior Danes. Four of her litter-mates were donated to the Wounded Warrior Project to become companions to wounded veterans. Since her adoption, she has become the klutzy clown of the family and an overgrown little sister to a Shih Tzu/Dalmatian mix. She loves to chew elk antlers and gobble up treats as often as her parents will let her. When she hasn’t had one in a while, she will do her best pigeon call in an effort to earn more treats.”

“Rogue (named after Rogue Ales & Spirits) is a Shih-tzu Dalmatian mixed mutt. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Athens, GA in 2010 and has since became a beloved first fur-baby to his parents and a protective big brother to a Great Dane. He loves to chew bully sticks, elk antlers, and turkey feet as often as his parents will let him. When the treat looks extra yummy he’ll even kick it with his nose and do a happy dance around the house (but only if you aren’t looking directly at him). ”

Amanda is quite the artist, not just in her own drawings but in helping us to beautify the office regularly.

My Role is Creative Director. I love it because I get to make information pretty and fun in new ways every day. I’ve never been the best at verbal communication. It get’s me into trouble quite often. In my occupation though, I get to organize my thoughts visually. That’s the form of communication that my brain understands and excels at. Plus, my job is about dogs. I get to bring Rogue and Tuesday in every week, and meet new dogs almost every day. How could you not love creating designs and playing with dogs all day?

Amanda designed the sticky note grid wall for the office to participate in. It was a great team building exercise and is just one of the awesome visuals we get to work with each day!


If you can’t tell- Amanda is quite the craft beer aficionado. In addition, we have a few more fun facts that we’ve adapted from “Inside the Actor’s Studio” with James Lipton.

  1. What is your favorite word? Minion.
  2. Least Favorite word? Phlegm.
  3. Favorite Sound? Rain on a morning that I can sleep in.
  4. Least Favorite sound? My alarm clock.
  5. If you could do any job other than your own what would it be? If I wasn’t a designer, I’d love to be a full blown artist who could live off of my own art.
  6. If you could have any superpower what would it be? If I could, I’d like to pause time, so that I could catch up with life (without aging during the process, of course)

Thanks for taking the time to get to know your Best Bully Sticks Team! We are so glad we could share a little bit of ourselves with you.

If you are interested, you can learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project here.

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