Top Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds

The top dog breeds can be debated forever, but for the purposes of this list, we’re going to use the top ten most popular dog breeds based on American Kennel Club breed registrations.That being said, I welcome any and all opinions on what you think should fall into the Top Ten List of Most Popular Dog Breeds.

Bulldog10.Bulldogs – These lovable dogs have long held a place in the hearts of pet owners that are looking for a dog that is shorter, won’t require as much exercise, but has a personality as big as its jowels.


Shih Tzu9.Shih Tzu – This Chinese breed with its vaguely lion like appearance and attractive coat is popular as both a pure bred dog and for cross-breeding with other breeds for desired physical and temperament traits.These are great house dogs as they don’t require a great deal of exercise and are perfectly happy staying at home chewing on a Himalayan dog chew.


Poodle8.Poodles – Known for their distinctive appearance and intelligence, the Poodle are most often associated with French elegance and an aristocratic nature.



Dachshund7.Dachshunds – These short little dogs are a favorite of dog lovers everywhere, coming in both a short haired and long haired variety.These playful and fun dogs are great for families as they can entertain with their intelligence and playfulness while playing with toys or begging for dog treats.


Boxers6.Boxers – Originally from Germany, this stocky breed of medium size is known for their large chest and square jaw.Bright and energetic with a playful temperament, these dogs are great for active owners that can exercise with their pet.


Beagle5.Beagles – The winner of this year’s Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show, the beagle is one of the most recognizable dogs, with animated dogs like Snoopy carrying the beagle image into the entertainment world.Their even temper and gentle disposition makes them great for families, and their playful nature will keep a family entertained for hours.


Golden Retriever4.Golden Retrievers – A larger dog, the Golden Retriever are kindly and friendly, and are known for being friendly with any and all comers that are willing to give them a pat on the head.As the name implies, Golden Retrievers love to retrieve, and are great for those looking for a dog they can play with outdoors or watch tear apart a bully stick inside.


German Shepherd3.German Shepherd – Originally bred in Germany for sheep herding, this breed can be found doing everything from police work to working with the blind.Easy to train, these dogs make great house pets and are great for those looking for a dog to complete agility courses with.


2.Yorkshire Terrier – These tiny little dogs are known for their long coats and personality that doesn’t seem to fit with their small bodies.Incredibly intelligent, Yorkies are also independent, which is perfect for those looking for a dog that doesn’t have to be coddled all day long.


Labrador Retriever1.Labrador Retriever – The most popular breed of dog according to the AKC, this breed comes in a variety of colors, but is most loved for their mellow nature which makes them great house pets.Not known for aggressive, territorial, or pining behavior, Labrador Retrievers can fit into most household situations and because of this, have become highly sought after because of their gentle nature (they can carry an egg in their mouth).

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