Dog Care 101 #217: Top 5 Dog-Friendly People Foods


BestBullySticks is committed to providing our customers’ dogs with healthy, nutritious chews and treats. However, our interest in providing all-natural, healthy dog treats extends beyond the occasional snack and all the way to food! Maintaining a healthy diet is the biggest factor in maintaining long term health, staving off disease and enhancing general well-being.

Many store bought dog foods are nutritionally poor and contain scarce amounts of beneficial nutrients. Others are healthy and do provide complete nutrition. Either way, there’s always room to supplement. As the saying goes, you are what you eat!

All Food Isn’t Created Equal

Many pet owners get up in arms if you tell them you feed your dog food from the table. But the fact of the matter is many of the healthy whole foods we eat for dinner, are pretty good for Fido too! Of course, there are some exceptions. But on the whole, we’ve got a lot in common with our canine companions when it comes to food. For today’s post we’ve selected five dog-friendly people foods — great for both people and dogs — that stand out among the rest.

5 Super Foods for Dogs

1. Fish – Oily fish like salmon, trout and tuna pack the highest nutritional punch for your dog. These fatty fish have higher levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids — two nutrients proven to reduce the risk of heart related illnesses. Additionally, fish is a rich source of healthy low-calorie protein and it’s also easy to digest! Making fish part of your dog’s diet twice a week is a great way to offer them some long term health benefits.

2. Kelp/Seaweed – Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, these iodine-rich sea based plants have been shown to reduce the potential for thyroid issues and improve overall glandular health. Studies have even shown the addition of kelp to a dog’s diet improves coat and reduces dry skin. It should be noted that algae, while similar in its nutritional value for people is dangerous to dogs.

3. Kale – Leafy greens like kale are an important part of a healthy diet. Low in calories and high in nutrition, just one cup of this vegetable offers a full daily serving of vitamins A, C and K. Kale also works to detoxify the liver and reduce inflammation making it a perfect dietary addition for arthritic dogs.

4. Sweet Potatoes – Immune system boosters like beta-carotene, vitamin C and phosphorous will help keep your dog healthy all year long. These taters even help with digestion because they’re so high in fiber. A great addition to any feast, sweet potatoes are one of the most cost effective and nutritional supplements you can provide your dog. Sweet potatoes are high in starch, though. Dogs don’t require nearly as many carbohydrates as people, so limit their intake of this or any carb-heavy food!

5. Broccoli – From calcium and potassium to beta-carotene and fiber — this veggie has it all! Broccoli also has some special nutrients that detox the body: a special trio of phytonutrients aid in the elimination of contaminants within the body. Broccoli has even been shown to reduce cholesterol and help prevent cancer! It’s a great addition to any meal and little florets make a fantastic everyday treat.


It’s no secret veggies are the one of the best naturally available sources of nutrition. Just remember to keep an eye on carbohydrates! Dogs require very little amounts of carbohydrates and get most of their calories from protein. Sadly, many dog foods on today’s market are laden with unhealthy grain-based fillers.

Do you feed your dog superfoods? Tell us about it below! BestBullySticks encourages all owners feed their pets healthy food and treats. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter to keep up with our news and specials!

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