Tips to Help Stop Your Dog from Barking: 101 Dog Care Tips

Barking Dog

Barking Dog

It must be an unwritten rule somewhere that all dogs love to bark, because it seems like they really do!

Well it’s a perfectly natural thing for your dog to do, just as it’s normal for us humans to speak. But sometimes you would like your dog to turn down the volume a bit, and use their library voice. Unfortunately, you can’t push a mute button on your remote to stop the incessant chronic barking mad pup. If you live in a neighborhood of dogs then you can definitely relate to this scenario . If one dog starts barking then the rest of the dog block join in with their own serenade & acapella.

Does your your dog bark nonstop or barks at anything & everything? Then you are probably in need of some help. We have some helpful tips to that will help stop your dog from barking.

The first step is to realize why your dog maybe barking. Here are a few reasons:

Home alone: A dog left alone or confined for long periods without supervision is likely to bark because he feels anxious or sad and is afraid the owner may not return.

Who’s the pack leader? Your dog may bark excessively for your attention because you unintentionally trained him to do so. One “woof” and you open the door to let him out. Another and you let him in. A polite bark is rewarded with a treat. A loud one brings praise for alerting you to stranger danger. Dogs are just trying to figure out what you want.

Play time yet? Lack of exercise can easily result in a dog that has pent-up energy and barks out of frustration. A well-exercised, happy dog is more likely to sleep when you’re not there.

What’s the remedy?

So now that you know a few reasons why dogs bark; here are a fews ways to help them to stop barking.

Playtime!!! Dogs that spend most of their time in the backyard or in the house probably need an exercise outlet. Even if your yard is large, dashing around it in circles is not the equivalent of exercise and interaction. Take your dog for a long walk, or head to the park for a change of scenery and a game of fetch.

Doggy, I’m Home! Bring your dog into the house when you’re home. It’s important that he feels he’s part of the family and is loved. Develop a relationship with him through play and fun.

My buddy and me. Dogs are social creatures. Take your dog to the same park daily or weekly and let him make doggy friends. Dogs romping around together tire easily and sleep soundly.

The above tips help deter your dog from barking. If your pups keeps barking you may need some backup tactics.

  • First, teach your dog that barking is okay until he is told to “Be quiet.” Each time your dog barks, command him to “Be quiet.” Simultaneously, hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose. Most dogs get quiet immediately because they can’t sniff and lick the treat while barking at the same time. Think Bullysticks!
  • Praise your dog continuously during his quiet time with petting and words of encouragement.
  • After three seconds of no barking, let him have the treat. As you continue with your training, increase the amount of time you require him to be quiet before giving the treat.
  • When your dog makes a mistake and barks (and he will) reprimand him immediately. Never strike your dog, but do something that will catch his attention, such as clapping loudly or squirting water in his face. As soon as your dog stops barking, you must instantly reward him.

Wow, that’s a lot of work! Well it is, you didn’t learn to do anything in one day. Teaching your dog not to bark takes time & patience. We know you can do it. And if you need a little more help we are here with some All-natural, Free-range bully sticks. Trust us they will keep your dog quiet & busy for hours!

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