The Top 7 Environmental Allergens for Dogs

Spring allergies aren’t just for us humans! There are plenty of substances we experience in our day-to-day lives that can cause an allergic reaction in your dog. Atopic dermatitis, or environmental allergies, often causes chronic itching in dogs.  Some allergens can be found year-round while others are more present in certain seasons, like the increase in pollen in spring. Dogs are affected by these allergens through skin contact or breathing in particles.

Tree, grass and weed pollens

Mother Nature is abloom in spring and summer, and how beautiful it is to see! BUT with this new growth comes a source of unwanted allergens causing sneezing, itchiness, and other allergic reactions.

Dust and Dust mites

If you need another reason to get out the feather duster, do it for your and your dog’s health! A buildup of dust and the dust mites that inhabit there is an unwelcome source of respiratory distress.


If your pet doesn’t get his regular flea medicine, he is susceptible to attracting the interest of those little buggers. No one wants fleas in their home or to see an uncomfortable pup consistently scratching himself.


It’s more common for humans to be allergic to pet dander but did you know that dogs can be sensitive to human dander, our dead skin particles and hair?

Cigarette smoke

For multiple reasons, it’s wise not to smoke around your pet. Not only can breathing in secondhand smoke cause complications down the road, smoke can irritate their skin.


Ah, the scent of your favorite perfume! It’s something we love but unfortunately may irritate your pet’s nasal passages or skin.

Cleaning products

Many household cleaning products include directions on how to limit their exposure, as they can be very strong. If you use bleach or other strong chemicals in your home, try to keep your pet away from them when possible.

Think your pet is experiencing allergies? Consult your veterinarian who can provide information on what may be causing his or her symptoms.

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