The Labrador Retriever: The Ideal Family Companion

Labrador RetrieverThe Labrador retriever is commonly perceived to be the most loyal and tolerant family dogs, making them an ideal choice of pet for families with small children. However, thanks to their working dog background, Labrador’s are full of energy and vitality and are incredibly athletic, often enjoying nothing more than spending hours upon hours running through fields. For this reason, they are best suited to families who can accommodate with adequate space and the time required in which to provide him with the exercise he needs.

In almost all cases, Labrador retrievers are incredibly happy and friendly dogs but often, they can become bored very easily due to their high level of intelligence and ability to learn tricks and disciplines quickly. Loyal to their master, Labrador’s will always alert their owner to strangers, but do not act as guard dogs as such. Instead, they will attempt to ‘warn’ strangers of their existence but when required, will always do their best to protect their master. However, no matter what, your Lab will always provide you with unconditional love and affection.

In regards to appearance, the Labrador is a typical working dog – large and powerful looking. They possess a somewhat blocked head and thick neck that sports dropped ears, and a sleek, short and glossy coat, along with an extremely strong tail. Exceptionally good eaters, a typical Labrador will weigh around 60-80 pounds and will stand at around 22.5-24.5 inches. Their love of exercise and running helps them to develop incredibly strong and muscular legs but regular exercise is a must in order to help them maintain their level of fitness and also, to help them remain obedient. A Labrador’s coat is very dense and will repel water, helping to protect the dog from becoming cold as he roams around. On average, a Labrador’s cost will shed quite excessively, with a smoother and shorter coat in the winter months. If your Labrador is provided with a healthy, balanced meal, he will also sport a glossy and healthy looking coat.

Due to their excellent temperament and level of friendliness, Labrador’s are ideal for families. However, as they are extremely and mischievous as pups, they can be hard to train at first and their personality demands a lot of attention, affection and most importantly – exercise. Similar to other dog breeds, a Labrador puppy will need training in order to eliminate bad behavior such as digging, jumping and barking. Although these are common traits with dogs at times, proper training will help these becoming a daily issue. Training labs requires a great deal of patience and energy due to the level of exercise they require and you will find during walks that they are very sociable with other dogs, especially other Labradors, but whereas some dogs are happy to be independent, Labradors need constant attention.

The main issue many owners may come across with Labradors in their early stages is how destructive they can be! Most puppies will chew objects and dig excessively, meaning they require a number of dog chews and dog toys in order to help keep their attention and help with teething. As Labradors do not fully mature until around 3 years old, it is important that you try and maintain discipline with him even once he has mastered the basic obedience’s. Due to their hearty appetite, most Labrador puppies will want to be fed up to 4 times a day in the first few months, calling for suitable dog food to provide him with the vitamins and minerals he needs. As he grows, you will soon find he eats more but less frequent, but will always be curious as to what’s on your plate if not provided with the required training regarding meal times.

If you want a dog that is full of love, warmth and vitality, a Labrador retriever is the ideal dog for you. Perfect for both active families and families with small children, you can guarantee that your lab will remain forever loyal to his master and is sure to keep you on your toes!

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