The Distinctive Face Of The Bulldog

BulldogMost people know what an English Bulldog looks like due to its incredibly distinctive face. In fact, this breed probably has the most distinctive mug of all the breeds out there! The dog itself is a mixture of a solid, muscular frame and an adorably wrinkled face- this really is a breed like no other! Most people have a common misconception of the Bulldog as an aggressive animal but in actual fact the breed is notoriously affectionate and soft, especially where humans and other pets are concerned.

These comical-looking dogs are highly affectionate towards their owners making them a great companion and addition to the family home. Bulldogs are also great if you simply don’t have the time or ability to walk your dog twice and day and spend time grooming the animal. Bulldogs require very little exercise or grooming and are perfect for families, single people, the elderly and even the disabled.

Bulldogs are quite small animals; they are also stout and sturdy. Their muscular, squarely set legs give them their trademark “waddle” which gives them added character and sets them apart from other breeds. Many people often mistake the Bulldog’s “grumpy” facial expression to mean that they are an aggressive but this couldn’t be further than the truth. They are well-known as the kindest and gentlest of all the breeds of dog and thrive on human attention and love.

Although Bulldogs don’t require a lot of exercise or grooming, they do take up your time in other ways. They don’t like being left on their own for long periods of time and anyone thinking of owning a Bulldog should ensure that they have the time to spend with their pet so they don’t become lonely. Try various dog toys when playing with them. They tend to get on well with other pets and therefore are great family pets, but they can become aggressive when faced with strange dogs so be aware of this when walking your dog.

If you have a Bulldog from a puppy age you need to be aware that at this young age they do tend to have a lot of energy and need to be constantly entertained. They love dog toys at this age so make sure you buy some to keep the animal entertained. However, this breed does mellow as they get older and become a lot slower. Bulldogs are great for guarding homes but they do not tend to attack people unless severely provoked. You also need to be aware that this breed drools a lot and can snore very loudly!

The Bulldog is the perfect example of a dog earning its name. The name was first used in the 1700’s when the dog was put in a bullring with bulls and was expected to fight. Spectators would then place bets on who would win the fight, all in the name of entertainment. Animals that won against the bull repeatedly would then be bred to create even tougher breeds of animal. By the 1800’s animal fighting was thankfully outlawed in England but this meant that the breed was somewhat forgotten about. However, the breed made a return to the scene in 1860 when it was entered into dog shows. This new breed of dog had had its fighting instinct eliminated via selective breeding.

Bulldogs are full of character and charm and are a great pet for almost anyone! If you want an animal that will be a loyal companion for you then the Bulldog is perfect.

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