Thanksgiving Pet Safety : 101 Dog Care Tips- Tip 135

Thanksgiving Pet Safety It’s time to talk turkey! Be fair warned that the tantalizing aroma of turkey, stuffing & pumpkin pie will cause drooling at the mouth. With turkey paw lifting on the rise, even the most behaved and well-trained dog have been known to help themselves to a drumstick or two. However, it is important to remember that some of our Thanksgiving food favorites are toxic to pets and can cause death or illness, they should be avoided. When feasting & filling your hungry belly on the Thanksgiving bounty that you slaved feverishly in the kitchen to prepare. Please keep these holiday pet safety tips in mind. Taking a few precautions will help keep your pet safe and the holidays full of bliss.

1. Keep pets on normal diet. Feeding turkey & sides to your dog or cat can cause him or her unwanted abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea. Not to mention can add a few unhealthy & unnecessary pounds to your pets waistline.

2. No Table Scraps Please! Do not give in to your pets pleading eyes & begging whines. Make sure to inform visiting guest and family to not indulge your pets with table scraps or sweets. Food high in sodium and other fatty foods like poultry skin, beef or port fat should not be on your dogs feasting menu. These foods, although tasty can cause an inflammation of pancreas. Pancreatitis is potentially life-threatening condition.

So what are some foods for your pet to avoid? Turkey skin, macadamia nuts, turkey bones, sage, chocolate, onions, nutmeg, grapes, raisins, sweets and the list goes on. So before the holidays arrive, be aware of what human foods are toxic to dogs and cats and keep the ASPCA pet poison control center number (888-426-4435) handy on the fridge.

3. Safely discard turkey string that tied the legs. Make sure to properly dispose of used aluminum foil, turkey pop ups, skewers, string, oven bags, whole lead seasonings plastic wrap, and wax paper that has been nicely flavored with turkey juice and all the fixing. Your pet will be tempted to lick and swallow which can lead to choking or  intestinal obstruction. One trick  is to put them in a sheet of unused foil as you prepare your dishes then wrap them up and place in the garbage that has a tight fitting lid. The foil will minimize the smell.

4. Secure the garbage can perimeter. If you haven’t already realized pets are scavengers and will wolf down anything that appears to be edible eye candy, especially if it smells good enough to eat or chew. Dogs are infamous for trash can tipping and dumpster diving. As an unsuspecting loving pet owner preoccupied with entertaining guest you may not realize that your dog has just sneaked off to his quiet spot to munch on a deadly snack.

5. Death by Chocolate. Although one of life simple pleasures chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine which is toxic to pets health resulting in rapid breathing and hyperactivity.

6. Don’t give your dog the wish bone as a chew toy or treat. Turkey, duck, geese & bird bones are dangerous for pets because they can easily become brittle, sharp, and splinter. If chewed can lodge in the esophagus or cause  stomach irritation or intestinal obstruction & trauma. Bones can puncture dogs intestine and cause fatal internal bleeding.

7. Minimize pets stress levels with daily routine. It is important that you maintain your pets regular schedule for feeding and exercise even in the midst of preparing frantically for the Holiday’s. It is so easy to neglect pets during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and for pets to become insecure. make sure you set aside quality time to spend with your pet.

8. Stay home & watch the parade. Large crowds & parades can be stressful for pets or can become lost in the crowd. Consider letting your pet enjoy the Macy’s Day Parade & holiday festivities from the comforts of home, the best seat in the house.

9. Check Water Supply. Make sure your paw pal has fresh water and a clean water bowl at all times. With relatives and children running around your pets water dish is bound to spill over.

10. Provide a quiet refuge for your animal. It is important that your pet has a quite place to get a time out or take a nap away from holiday guest, friends & family. Perhaps, your dog has a crate or you place your dog or cat bed in his own personal suite with a sign that says “Do Not Disturb”.

11. Wear ID! In the awful event your dog or cat becomes lost, it is important to keep current registration and identification tags on you pet. With guests coming in and out of your home, it is very easy for a door to be left ajar and for your animal to wander off after kids or to the neighbors for a bite to eat.







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