Texas Toothpicks

Texas Toothpicks 

We are proud to announce the launch of another exciting new dog treat / dog chew called Texas Toothpicks.  According to Merrick’s website:

 Merrick’s Texas Toothpicks are a one of a kind treat for the love in your life; your dog. These natural toothpicks are a dog’s best friend. They love the crunchy, chewy sensation. These treats have a puffy texture to them that allows dogs of all ages to enjoy these culinary delights. Dogs love beef and these beef tails satisfy the natural carnivore that resides in each of them. 

We have tried them on our own dogs and would have to give them two paws up!  They last a long time, are made in the United States, and they are all natural….. how does it get any better? 

As always, please make sure to check out our growing selection of dog chews and dog treats it is changing every day! 

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