Surfs Up! 10 Beach time Safety Tips for You & Your Dog

Surfs Up!

Surfs Up!

The one thing dog’s love about the summer is the beach. Building ditches in the sand, knocking over sand castles, chasing seagulls, rolling in the sand and surfing the waves is what makes the beach so great for your dog. Here are some tips to make going to the beach fun and safe for the entire pack.

1. Follow the Rules: Check with your local beach to see if dogs are allowed. Some beaches with allow your beach buddy to tag along but he or she must be on leash at all times. So find out beforehand so there are no surprises & your beach trip is not spoiled.

2. Pack your dogs beach bag: Its important that when you pack for the beach to bring doggie sunscreen, life jackets, googles & basic necessities. Just, like you dogs can get sun burned.

3. You’re the pack leader: Since some areas of the beach will allow your dog to be off-leash its important that you have control over your pack. Dogs love to run & chase anything in site and have a keen sense of smell, so the beach will be full of intrigued and may cause your dog to wander off in a fast sprint. So be prepared to call your dog back in a stern voice. Trust me no one ones there sun bathing & surfing to be interrupted by a lost dog on the run. Make sure your dog is wearing his or her tags.

4. Flea Protection: Remember that the beach is home to sand fleas and dogs love to dig & roll. So safe guard your dog from those tail biters. Remember that wet flea collars won’t do the trick.

5. Hydrate Your Dog: Make sure you bring along your dogs portable dog bowl & some fresh, clean water. Never, let your dog drink salt water it could make them very sick.

6. Take Breaks & Give Your Dog a Loving Timeout: With so much excitement of the beach your dog may forget to take a break & rest. As your pets guardian its important that you keep a watchful eye on whether or not your dog is become dehydrated or over-exhausted. The scotching sun rays, strenuous exercise runs in the sand, hot temperatures & lack of water can do a number on your dogs body. If your dog is feeling the effects of the sun & heat wave make sure to signal & call your dog to come rest in a shady spot.

6. Be Respect of Others Visiting the Beach: Dogs are social butterflies at heart and love to visit people. Especially if there nose sense something tasty in the air, perhaps someone is having a picnic. But some visitors may not appreciate a visit from your dog. Remember in a perfect world you and your dog would have your own private beach oasis, but in reality its a public place. So make sure you keep an eye on your dog so he or she does not disturb other beach goers.

7. Beware of… (you fill in the blank): Although the beach can be a relaxing & fun place, there are some dangers that lurk amidst the sands and the waves. Sea lice, jellyfish, undercurrents & ripe tides not only pose as threat to you but your dog. Keep in mind dogs are very curious and love to roam. So make sure to ask a lifeguard on duty if the area is safe. However, if there is no lifeguard to be found make sure to look for warning signs posted on the beach like “No Swim/Surf Zone”.

8. Castaway’s Found: Dogs are scavengers at heart and love a good beach scavenger hunt. Just remember that litter, dead fish, fishing lines, plant life may find themselves castaways washed up on the beach and in your dogs mouth. Many of these items are not safe for your dog and should not be his or her substitute chew toy. So, monitor your dogs exploration adventures, where a bout’s and beach finds. Remember “No Litterbugs Allowed”, so do your part to protect water life & dogs by throwing your litter safely in the trash can. Did you know if you litter you could be fined a hefty fine.

9. Pick up Your Dogs #2 Business: Help keep the beaches and water clean & tidy by picking up after your dog. No one likes to swim with your dogs floaters or step barefoot in your dogs sandy poop.

10. Give Your Dog a Bath: Prior to packing & loading the car after a long afternoon at the beach if you have fresh water on hand give your dog a good rinse to get off salt & excess sand. Its important that when you arrive home to give your dog a bath & spa treatment immediately. Chemicals from the sea water can be harmful & do damage to your dogs luscious locks & fur. Also, don’t forget clean behind and inside those sandy & salty ears and tend to those achy, sandy paws which took a beaten all day.

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