Support Your Local Dog Rescue Now! Best Bully Sticks Rescue/Shelter Donation


Bully Sticks and its loyal customer base support many Dog Rescue & Charity organizations. However there is always more need than we as a company can support.

To solve this problem, BestBullySticks has come up with a solution.

Most Dog Rescue charities are always in the need of supplies for their rescue dogs.

Here is where you can help:

  1. Browse our store
  2. Pick out some products
  3. Ship it directly to the Charity of your choice

Need some help picking products?

Click for Bully SticksDog Toys Dog FoodSpecial Charity Package

Please contact your local dog rescue, give them this URL and ask them what dog supplies they are in need of…from dog toys to dog treats. We provide healthy all-natural dog chews and safe dog toys to millions of customers through out the United States, why not send some of our products to dog rescues in need?

Please review Best Bully Sticks Supports for rescues we have donated to before or send to your local charity.

Please contact your rescue or charity and let them know before placing your order, to stop any refused packages or incorrect shipping addresses. Thanks for caring and helping!

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