Super Howl 2013 Winners

Super Howl 2013 was an exciting giveaway full of cute dogs and amazing animal rescues and shelters. is happy to announce and share with you the Finalists’s photos and their stories so you can meet the winners! 

Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue
Augusta, MI • Dog: Miya (pictured above) • Grand Prize Winner: $1,725

Miya, a German Shepherd, plays with her friends Frankie and Beamer. Miya was rescued from a kill facility, brought into rescue, and recently adopted out into a loving family. Miya’s best sport is KARATE.


New York, NY • Dog: Pink Floyd • Round 3 Winner: $525

Floyd is the BEST SPORT because he represents the fact that contrary to popular stereotypes, NOT all rescue animals are neglected or mistreated or have “issues”. Floyd had a loving family of 4 adults, 2 teens, 1 child, and a kitty friend who are now homeless and could no longer keep him. Now he’s living it up in foster care without a care in the world, transferring all the playing and snuggling skills that they instilled in him onto the next lucky human. 





Community Animal Rescue & Adoption (CARA)
Jackson, MS • Dog: Junior • Round 2 Winner: $225

Junior is the world’s biggest Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan! He never misses a game on TV. Junior is one of 13 puppies found discarded in a dumpster in December 2011. He was cared for and adopted through Community Animal Rescue & Adoption in Jackson, MS.










Golden Retriever Club of Great Los Angeles Rescue
Los Angeles, CA • Dog: Roo • Round 2 Winner: $225

Roo is a 2-year-old male who was found in a field. He is blind and his front legs are not fully developed, but this doesn’t stop this inspirational boy – he has no idea he has a disability. Roo gets around on his own, and with help using a Helpmeup harness and his wheelchair. He loves people and is very affectionate, and also enjoys other dogs. He is currently staying in two foster homes playing with his foster brothers and getting lots of love from his amazing foster parents.


 Anarchy Animal Rescue
New York, NY • Dog: CoCo • Round 1 Winner: $75

I might look like Grumpy Cat but I am the Best Sport!! Love, CoCo







Bully Project
New York, NY • Dog: Baci • Round 1 Winner: $75

Baci’s “Best Sport” is chewing on toys and hollow bones and then finding the cutest spot to rest. And she is our “Best Sport” because she dealt with a prolonged recovery from cherry eye surgery like a champ!






Chicago Pit Stop
Chicago, IL • Dog: Dr. Hooligan • Round 1 Winner: $75

“Dr. Hooligan” is such a good sport in letting his dad, Chicago Bears linebacker, Nick Roach and mom, Anna-Marie suit him up to show support for his rescue, Chicago Pit Stop Rescue! Dr. Hooligan was rescued from Chicago Animal Care and Control where he had been sitting on death row for a month until Chicago Pit Stop Rescue (CPSR) pulled him. His parents quickly became ‘foster failures’ after Dr. H fit right in with the family along with sisters Tahoe and Bella. CPSR pulls more pit bulls from CACC than any other group and can only do so with YOUR support. 


Liberty Humane Society
Jersey City, NJ • Dog: Tucky (left) • Round 1 Winner: $75
Tucky (pictured left) was at LHS for 8 months, but that never got his spirits down. He is an incredibly happy dog that brightens everyone’s day. Tucky has severe food allergies, which often caused him to get passed over by adopters. He even got adopted and was returned because, ironically, the family was severely allergic to him. Tucky went to a foster home during Hurricane Sandy where he stayed until he was adopted. Tucky now has a sister, Koko (pictured right), and an amazing forever family!

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