9 Summer Dog Safety Tips for Beating the Heat

dog_swimSummer not only marks the time for outdoor fun but heat waves which can be hazardous to your dogs health. Here are some simple summer time dog safety tips to beat the heat and stay cool!

1. Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night. With the heat dogs run the risk of getting hear exhaustion and heat stroke so exercising or walking your dog in the cooler parts of the day is key. Avoid strenuous excercise with your dog when it very hot outdoors.

2. Use doggie boots. Keep in mind that when the mercury rises this will cause the pavements & surfaces like asphalt & cement to heat up. Before taking your dog for a walk check the surfaces by hand to see if you can stand it. Better yet have your dog wear booties to prevent their paws from becoming burned.

3. Watch for signs of dehydration. Dogs can’t sweat, they cool off by panting. Some signs your dog is overheating is excessive drooling, lethargy, bloodshot eyes and paleness. You can also do a dehydration skin test by lifting a piece of your dogs skin. If its takes longer for the skin to fall back into place then this can be a sign of dehydration.

4. Keep your dog hydrated! Darker coat & overweight weight dogs run a higher risk of dehydration. Always carry enough water & collapsible bowl when going on a short or long walk and hike with your dog.

5. Cool your dog down. You can cool your dog down with a kiddie pool under a shady tree, laying down a wet towel for your dog to lie on, turning on the sprinklers or gently spritzing your dog. You can be creative with a make shift air conditioner by setting up a fan in front of a pan of ice.

6. Bottoms up! Dogs cool from the bottom up so spritz your dogs paws and stomach, not just the top of the dog. You can also place a wet towel on the bottom of your dog.

7. Check the weather. Keep an eye on pet weather alerts during the summer and heed the warnings to have your pet chill out indoors.

8. Never leave your dog in a parked car. Cars (even when shaded) retains more heat and can heat up very quickly leading to heat stroke & possible death.

9. Doggy paddle in the pool! Cool down with your dog by taking a dip in the swimming pool. Never push or force your dog into the pool it may only traumatize him, instead gently coax your dog in and hold on to him until he is comfortable in the water.



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