Suds & Duds Giveaway WINNERS!

Best Bully Stick’s Suds & Duds Giveaway was a success with 20 winners! We’ve already contacted all of our lucky entrants, but we wanted to share their names with all our readers! The names highlighted are the contestant’s whose information we have received. Congratulations to ALL of the winners and a big thanks to all who participated! 

Debby Hylton
Breanna Hope
Rayna Pitter
Kellie Dunn
Tara Boley
Abby Kraynick
Mandee Swoboda
Kris Bauer
Jennifer Freeland
Melissa Kopec
Martha Friedman
Brooke Palmer
Christina McLaughlin
Krista Hailwood
Deb Maggio
Anna Gibson
Valarie Chapman
Karen Simms
Darcie Richey
Josephine Summers

If your name is on this list and you haven’t already given us your information, please email  with your shipping address and dog’s size! 

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