Stuffed Gullets/Bully Sticks/Zukes

Stuffed Gullets/Bully Sticks/Zukes

We wanted to let all of you know about new products in each of these categories. We have had MANY requests for our old stuffed gullets that came in 6″ and 12″ sizes and we are finally happy to be able to re-introduce them. They are lightly smoked and have a stronger consistency than the ones that are baked. Either way please let us know which you would prefer and we will try to accommodate you!

For our bully sticks we are re-launching sold older sizes as well! We are back in stock on 11-11.5″ thick, 11″ standard, 5″ braided, and 12″ thick bully sticks. Please work with us as our stock changes rapidly, if a bully stick product is available for purchase on the site it is available for sale.

We are also proud to announce the launch of a new flavor of Zukes treats. Zuke’s Mini-Naturals have already been a big hit but we are now also carrying the Chicken flavor. Zuke’s Mini-Naturals are now available in Chicken, Salmon, and Peanut butter; these are great all natural dog training treats!

Stay tuned for August’s newsletter we will have some very exciting product launches that are sure to keep the dogs’ happy. As always, if there are products out there that you feel would make a good additional to our catalog of all natural dog chews and treats please let us know!

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