Spotlight on a Rescue or Charity: We Salute Stray from the Heart

We are dedicated to spreading awareness about pet related causes such as pet adoption. So we are excited to announce our new Tuesday blog series “Spotlight on a Rescue or Charity”, to pay tribute and honor animal rescue, shelters and charities. These are our unsung heroes across America dedicated to enriching, saving and nurturing the lives of animals in need.  We hope you will champion our cause by barking the word about the importance of pet adoption and donating your time and finances to your local animal shelter or rescue. Be a voice, email us if you know of a deserving animal rescue or charity that should be spotlighted and recognized. With that said, we are proud to spotlight “ Stray from the Heart


Stray from the HeartStray from the Heart is a non-profit dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of homeless dogs. They provide shelter, veterinary care and loving homes for abandoned, lost, neglected and abused animals. They also provide training and education regarding the protection and care of animals, as well as ongoing support to the individuals and families who adopt from them.

Stray from the Heart’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find permanent homes for homeless, abused or neglected dogs regardless of where they were born.

Stray from the Heart takes the World Society for the Protection of Animals’ vision to the grass roots level. With the WSPA, they strive to create a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends.

Working directly with domestic and international outreach organizations and centers for Animal Care and Control, they rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for homeless dogs without the benefit of paid employees or a shelter facility to house our dogs. Through their network of foster homes, they strive to offer good dogs, facing uncertain futures due to space and resource constraints, new hope and a better life. They also provide follow-up support to the individuals and families who adopt dogs from them. Stray from the Heart volunteers are always available to provide advice on health and behavioral questions after an adoption. They are here to help potential owners find the perfect canine companion and to help every dog find a perfect forever home. Even so, they have a “no questions asked” policy in cases where a dog must be returned to us. Their main concern is the health and safety of their strays.

Stray from the Heart is a volunteer-based organization. They are thankful for the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly each day to improve the lives of our Strays, and to insure that their future is blessed with a loving and stable home. They are a member of the New York City Mayor’s Alliance for Homeless Animals, collaboration between animal welfare organizations and the City of New York aimed at eradicating euthanasia in our shelters by increasing adoptions.

Financially, they rely on the generosity of our corporate and individual supporters to provide support for our rescue and rehabilitation programs.

They have had tremendous success in a short time. Since their inception in August 2000, they have been able to rescue and find loving homes for over 1,500 homeless dogs. In addition, they have developed working relationships with international outreach programs, and with local veterinarians who offer essential medical care.

Finally, they are very proud of the international program they have in place. Before founder Toni Bodon implemented this program, many of the rescuers abroad had little or no hope of finding loving and permanent homes for their rescues. With her help, they have been able to reach out, across borders, and share their vision with others who need their help.

They work with their strays until each one finds a loving home. This is what makes Stray from the Heart special. Each dog they rescue requires many hours of care and social rehabilitation. No matter what it takes, they don’t give up. They believe that each one wants to trust again, and can become a well-behaved and socialized canine citizen. They take their time. They pride ourselves in their ability to rehabilitate unwanted and neglected dogs, and to pair them up with the right home. They have the patience to wait for that perfect person or family — where the commitment and attention to long-term companionship and safety is evident.

  • Their detailed and comprehensive adoption process is truly the cornerstone of their success.
  • They meet each prospective owner, to gauge his and/or her compatibility with their strays.
  • They make a home visit, to ensure that the home is prepared and safe for their stray, and that the new parent understands the responsibilities that lie before them.
  • They perform follow-up visits to ensure that their strays have indeed found the right place to be.
  • They make their staff available to answer questions on health and behavior, make referrals, and offer resources to new parents.

They have seen amazing real life success stories unfold before their eyes: stories of canine survivors who refuse to lose their trust in mankind, no matter what hardships they have endured, stories of people whose lives have been touched and enriched by dogs who were once homeless and desperate for human companionship.


Whether you decide to adopt, to foster, donate funding, or to volunteer your time and expertise, they want you in their future. Check out more ways you can help!

Be a voice! Support Stray from the Heart by following them on Twitter and “Like” their Facebook page. Bark the word about their cause and help save lives!

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