Spotlight on a Rescue or Charity: We Are Proud To Honor Rolling Dog Ranch Sanctuary

We are dedicated to spreading awareness about pet related causes such as pet adoption. So we are excited to announce our new Tuesday blog series “Spotlight on a Rescue or Charity“, to pay tribute and honor animal rescue & shelters, unsung heroes across America dedicated to enriching, saving and nurturing the lives of animals in need.  We hope you will champion our cause by barking the word about the importance of pet adoption and donating your time and finances to your local animal shelter or rescue. Be a voice, email us if you know of a deserving animal rescue or charity that should be spotlighted and recognized. With that said, we are proud to spotlight “Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

About Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary rescues and shelters disabled animals. Every animal who arrives at the sanctuary gets another chance to have a safe and loving home. Their residents include blind dogs, blind horses, deaf dogs, blind cats, and animals with other neurological and orthopedic disabilities.

Although these animals may have disabilities, they do not consider themselves handicapped. They just want to get on with life and enjoy themselves. Thanks to the support of the sanctuary’s friends, that’s what they get to do here.

Steve Smith and Alayne Marker-Founders of the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary say a few words:

We founded the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in December 2000, when we left our corporate jobs in Seattle and moved to a 160-acre ranch in the Blackfoot River Valley of western Montana. Our dream was to create a sanctuary focused on caring for animals with disabilities. These are the animals who are the least likely to be adopted and among the most likely to be euthanized in traditional shelters. The sanctuary is home to about fifty animals on average, nearly two-thirds of them blind.

From the outset, we had named the ranch the “Rolling Dog” because our dogs loved to roll around on their backs in the sagebrush- and grass-covered meadows on the property.

After ten wonderful years in Montana, we moved the sanctuary during the spring and summer of 2010 to a new and equally beautiful 120-acre property in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire.  You can read about why we relocated on our blog here.

One thing is clear:  The dogs — and the horses! — love to roll around on their backs even more in the lush and green New Hampshire grass!

The sanctuary’s disabled residents are remarkable animals. They are happy, energetic and loving. Many of our visitors can’t believe the animals they see romping with each other and running around are blind or cope with some other kind of handicap. There isn’t a single animal here who feels sorry for itself. Each and every one of them loves being alive.

That’s really the ultimate inspiration for us. Despite their disabilities, they want nothing more than a chance to enjoy life. And that’s what they get to do here. Watch this AARP slideshow about the ranch.

How Can You Support the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary?

The sanctuary depends entirely on private funding from compassionate people who want to support a safe haven like this. Your contribution big or small is crucial to their life-saving mission.

Donate Online
Planned Giving
Tributes & Memorials

Be a voice! Support the Rolling Dog Ranch bark-worthy cause, help save lives by becoming a Facebook Fan, “Like” their Facebook page. You can also check out & subscribe to Rolling Dog Ranch Youtube channel.

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