Spotlight on a Rescue or Charity: We Are Proud To Honor Dogs for the Deaf

We are dedicated to spreading awareness about pet related causes such as pet adoption. So we are excited to announce our new Tuesday blog series “Spotlight on a Rescue or Charity“, to pay tribute and honor animal rescue, shelters and charities. These are our unsung heroes across America dedicated to enriching, saving and nurturing the lives of animals in need.  We hope you will champion our cause by barking the word about the importance of pet adoption and donating your time and finances to your local animal shelter or rescue. Be a voice, email us if you know of a deserving animal rescue or charity that should be spotlighted and recognized. With that said, we are proud to spotlight “Dogs for the Deaf

About Dogs for the Deaf: Dogs for the Deaf (DFD) was founded in 1977 by the late Roy G. Kabat, a long-time Hollywood and circus animal trainer who raised animals for motion pictures and television shows including “Dr. Doolittle” and “Born Free.” His daughter, Robin Dickson, is his successor and the CEO/President of Dogs for the Deaf.

Mission: Rescuing and professionally training dogs to assist people and enhance their lives, maintaining a lifelong commitment to all dogs we rescue and all teams we serve.

Rescuing homeless dogs and professionally training them to enhance lives is what Dogs for the Deaf is all about. In over 33 years, Dogs for the Deaf has rescued and placed over 3,000 dogs in homes as Hearing Dogs, Miracle Mutts (Special Dogs for Special People),  Harmony’s Hounds (Dogs with Special Needs), and Career Change Dogs.


HEARING DOGS: Hearing Dogs are chosen from animal shelters. Many shelters must euthanize dogs if no homes are found for them. By using shelter dogs, we are able to help alleviate some of the unwanted dog population by rescuing these dogs. Once trained, they are placed in loving homes where they provide valuable and even life saving benefits.The dogs are usually mixed breeds up to 36 months of age. The trainers look for dogs that are friendly, energetic, healthy, and confident. Each dog is individually evaluated by a Dogs for the Deaf trainer. Those passing the evaluation are brought back to our facility for a thorough medical exam, needed vaccinations, and treatment to bring them to optimum health. All dogs are micro chipped, spayed or neutered, and then begin the intensive 4 to 6 months of training.

AUTISM ASSISTANT DOGS are trained to enhance the safety of children with autism

PROGRAM ASSISTANCE DOGS go to work with and assist professionals such as physicians, teachers, counselors, and court room advocates, in the treatment of and work with their clients.

MIRACLE MUTTS (Special Dogs for Special People): Special furry friends who provide companionship, motivation, and emotional support to people who need a helping paw. These dogs help with depression and loneliness; they provide a reason to get up in the morning and motivation to exercise; and the generally make life more worth living.  Meet New Miracle Mutt Bento and new friend, Miracle Mutt Arlo. Their recipients are friends, and now, so are their Miracle Mutts – who truly are special dogs for special people!
HARMONY’S HOUNDS (Dogs with Special Needs): Dogs who have a special physical or emotional need and are looking for someone willing to provide a stable, loving home and any special care they might need with things like on-going medical concerns, old age, anxiety issues, allergies, and seizures. In the right, special environment, these dogs can thrive and provide lots of love.

CAREER CHANGE DOGS: Wonderful dogs that make loving pets and companions. Check out their adoptables!

How Can You Support Dogs for the Deaf (DFD)?

Dogs for the Deaf depends donations from compassionate people. Your contribution big or small is crucial to their life-saving mission to help help dogs and serve humans in need of companion. So donate to one of their above wag-worthy programs!

Be a voice! Support DFD bark-worthy cause, help save lives by and “Like” their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. Bark the word about their cause!

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