Spotlight on a Rescue or Charity: We Are Proud To Honor Animal Rescue League of Boston

We are dedicated to spreading awareness about pet related causes such as pet adoption. So we are excited to announce our new Tuesday blog series “Spotlight on a Rescue or Charity”, to pay tribute and honor animal rescue, shelters and charities. These are our unsung heroes across America dedicated to enriching, saving and nurturing the lives of animals in need.  We hope you will champion our cause by barking the word about the importance of pet adoption and donating your time and finances to your local animal shelter or rescue. Be a voice, email us if you know of a deserving animal rescue or charity that should be spotlighted and recognized. With that said, we are proud to spotlight “Animal Rescue League of Boston

About Animal Rescue League of Boston:

The Animal Rescue League is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect. Since 1899 we have advocated the philosophy of our founder, Anna Harris Smith, that “Kindness Uplifts the World”.


The Animal Rescue League of Boston will be a leader among animal welfare organizations in providing rescue and law enforcement services and promoting a compassionate and responsible attitude towards all living beings. The Animal Rescue League of Boston envisions a day when all pets are cherished, and animals are no longer threatened with abandonment, neglect, abuse, exploitation, or extinction. The Animal Rescue League of Boston will accomplish its mission by focusing on the following objectives:

  • To be a national leader in humane rescue of animals in need;
  • To be the community leader for humane investigation and the prevention of cruelty to animals;
  • To enrich the quality of life for our region through our outreach and educational programs;
  • To maintain state of the art facilities that emphasize humane care, treatment and encourage adoption;
  • To develop and implement long-range plans that ensure the future of the organization;
  • To enlist the confidence of our donors, members, and the community at large by demonstrating effective services and sound business practices which encourage a culture of philanthropy and investment in the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Position Statements

The Animal Rescue League of Boston believes that the power and beauty of the animal human bond is intrinsic to efforts to stop all forms of violence in our society.

A fundamental premise of the humane community is that if a child is taught to be kind to animals, there is a greater likelihood that the individual will mature into a person who respects not only humanity, but also all living things. This premise has been the subject of sociological studies and is expressed in literature and the arts. With a deep belief in this premise, Animal Rescue League of Boston founder Anna Harris Smith initiated a humane education program for children by establishing The Kindness Clubs in the neighborhoods of Boston.

Today, the League believes that it must leverage its reputation, programs, and financial resources to be part of a larger effort to stop violence in our communities and in our world. They know that animals, with their ability to give us unconditional love, can be a powerful force to bring reason, order, and a sense of truth and beauty to a world in desperate need of civilization.

Learn more about their other wonderful programs!

How Can You Support American Rescue League of Boston?


There are many good reasons to adopt a pet from the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston. You will have the enormous satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped give a loving animal a much-deserved second chance.


Your tax-deductible gift to the Animal Rescue League of Boston will help to ensure that animals in distress receive the care they need, as well as a chance to be adopted into a caring home.  In 2011, they must raise more than $2 million from generous donors like you in order to meet their annual operating budget needs. You can donate in the following ways!


Looking for a way to match your skills and interests with your love for animals? The Animal Rescue League of Boston may need your help. Their three Animal Care and Adoption Centers, their Spay Waggin’ and administrative offices often need volunteers* to help with everything from animal care to general office support; from staffing special events to working on creative projects. Whether it’s feeding their shelter animals or applying your communications, writing, graphic design or office skills, they have numerous and meaningful ways for you to get involved.

Be a voice! Support Animal Rescue League of Boston bark-worthy cause, help save lives by and “Like” their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. Bark the word about their cause!

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