Spotlight on a Rescue – Castaway Pet Rescue & Bruno’s Story

A few weeks ago, Best Bully Sticks ran a Free Bully Sticks for a Year contest in which we asked people to send in videos of their dogs chewing on a BBS product.  We had a lot of great videos flooding in yet one in particular was receiving a lot of attention. The video was simply called “Bruno loves his Best Bully Sticks.”  Bruno was immediately getting a lot of votes, so after a little research, we learned Bruno had quite an amazing story and his foster family and other volunteers from Castaway Pet Rescue were truly looking out for this special pup.

Bruno was found in an alley in Chicago with no use of his back legs at 4 weeks old!!!

Someone brought him into CACC and he was to be put to sleep. However Castaway Pet Rescue saw this little man fell in love with his on site and knew they had to save him!”

Here is a video recapping the rest of Bruno’s story.


Karen Erbach is Bruno’s foster mom and because is a professional videographer, she saw our Free Bully Sticks for a Year contest and immediately set to work.

Here is Bruno’s entry video.

Needless to say, Bruno won our Free Bully Sticks for a Year contest! He kindly shared his treats with his fellow rescues at Castaway and they are all in doggy heaven with all their yummy BBS chews!

Karen then was kind enough to send us another GREAT video of Bruno and his pal opening up one of his many boxes of Best Bully’s Sticks chews!

We’re so happy for Bruno & his friends!  We appreciate all the people associated with making Bruno’s story a positive one!


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