Spotlight on a Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Smooth Coat Jack Russell Terrier

Height: 10″ – 15″

Weight: 14 – 18 lbs

Coat: Smooth, Broken, Rough

Color: Predominately white with black or tan markings

Appearance: Jack Russell Terriers (or JRT) are short, with either smooth, broken, or rough double coats of predominately white hair. JRT’s have a moderately sized head with a moderate muzzle and black nose. Their eyes are almond shape and darkly colored. Small ears in a v-shape sit on the forward part of the head. The tail of a JRT is set high on their body and is typically docked approximately five inches.

Temperament: Jack Russell Terriers are high energy dogs that are very well suited to being sport dogs. Obedience classes are recommended as JRTs can be stubborn at times and aggressive towards other animals or humans if not properly socialized. Despite their small size, JRTs are not recommended for small apartments or condominiums as they can be hyper and require a large amount of stimulation. While not overly destructive, chew treats such as bully sticks are recommended to keep their attention. JRTs are very much a large dog in a small body, a trait that can lead to trouble with larger dogs. Owners should be aware of this and watch them carefully around larger animals.

Health: Jack Russell Terriers typically live for between 12 and 19 years. Health concerns for the breed include: hereditary cataracts, general joint problems, cerebellar ataxia, primary lens luxation, and congenital deafness, amongst other diseases.

Famous Dogs and Owners

Eddie – played by Moose and Enzo on the show Frazier

Skip – focus of both book and movie My Dog Skip

Milo – Jim Carrey’s dog in The Mask

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