Spotlight On A Breed: Beagles

A Tri-Color Beagle

A Tri-Color Beagle

Weight: 18-35 lbs

Height: 13-16 inches

Coat: Smooth coat

Color: tri-color (most common), two color (tan and white), various others


Beagles are a mid-sized breed with a generally lean body, a broad chest, and eyes that appear to be pleading much like a bloodhounds. Eye color is typically brown or hazel. Strong jaw and neck makes them excellent at tug games or at working over bully sticks or similar chews.


Beagles are even tempered and are a great family dog, as they get along great with children and other dogs. They are playful and while they can be standoffish towards strangers at first, they can easily be won over. For this reason, Beagles are typically very poor guard dogs, though their tendency to howl or bark does make them good watch dogs.

Beagles are pack animals and can be prone to separation anxiety. Intelligent, they have been bred for the long chase and can thus be very single-minded and determined, which can make them hard to train, though they do respond to training with dog treats. Not demanding with regard to exercise, and don’t have to be worked to exhaustion before they will rest, though regular exercise is good for warding off weight gain.


Beagles can suffer from a handful of diseases, including epilepsy and glaucoma, but their biggest health problem is weight gain as they do enjoy relaxing. Regular exercise can help ward this off. Beagles typically live to be around 12 years old and are a generally healthy breed.

Famous Beagles and Beagle Owners

Lyndon B Johnson

Barry Manilow


Snoopy – Peanuts comics

Odie – Garfield comics

Underdog – Live action movie (voiced by Jason Lee)

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