Specialty Bully Sticks – Bites, Rings, and Pretzels

February 12, 2019

Our specialty bully sticks offer a different chewing experience for your dog. Smaller than traditional bully sticks, bully stick bites, rings, and pretzels are great everyday treats.

Bully stick bites, rings, and pretzels are great for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Made from all-natural beef muscle, these chews are easily digestible and high in protein.

Bully bites are small bully sticks that can be given as an everyday quick treat. Bully bites are made from the same high-quality, beef as our other bully sticks, but range in size from 1-inch to 4-inches. These chews are especially great for small dogs and lighter chewers that may struggle with large bully sticks.

Bully stick rings are great for smaller dogs that have a difficult time chewing longer bully sticks, or a larger breed looking for a quick snack. Made from 100% all-natural beef, their rounded shape makes them a great chew for playing fetch or for training.

For larger dogs and heavier chewers, bully stick pretzels are slightly bigger than the rings and are twisted into the shape of a pretzel. Made of the same high-quality, all-natural beef as our other bully stick products, bully stick pretzels provide a different chewing experience for dogs. Giving your dog a variety of chews keeps them interested and excited for longer periods of time.

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