Salmon Oil From Plato Pet Treats

Salmon Oil From Plato Pet Treats

Salmon Oil

We are proud to introduce the first supplement that we have ever carried at Best Bully’s! We have just started to carry Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil manufactured by Plato Pet Treats. Salmon Oil is not only a great supplement for your dog, but being made by Plato makes it just that much better.

First, we’ll start with why Salmon Oil is so great….for starters it helps to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. Salmon oil also supports heart health and has been shown to promote healthy brain activity. Plato also adds a rosemary extract to their oil which helps as an antioxidant. This is simple to use with your dogs or cats.  It comes standard with a pump top dispenser which makes knowing how much to use easy!

Not all Salmon Oil is created equal. Plato uses 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, not farm raised or from another part of the world. Plato Salmon Oil is also naturally preserved like all Plato products and has only two ingredients…Rosemary and Salmon Oil. In our opinion, the addition of rosemary creates a pleasant aroma to the oil while adding antioxidant properties. Plato also uses a dark almost black colored container to prevent light from entering the container and degrading the quality of the product. We are sure that this product will do well as a supplement and will help dogs all over the country live healthier, happier lives!

Please also make sure to visit the Plato Dog Treats section of the website to find the treats that Plato manufactures.

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