Ruff Dawg Toys @ Best Bully!

What’s a dog’s favorite thing to do other than eating and sleeping? (And maybe belly rubs?…) PLAYING! Your dog’s energy level and tenacity while playing can be quite amazing. Best Bully Sticks knows nothing gets between your dog and his toys, but sometimes that means destruction. Dog playtime can get a little messy and sometimes dangerous with stuffing and bits of plastic.

Best Bully Sticks has a ton of great environmentally friendly dog toys to share with dogs everywhere. We don’t just carry any willy-nilly toy on our site and our most recent addition to the toy line is definitely Grade A! Check out Ruff Dawg Rubber Dog Toys! Whether you have a sheltie or a shepherd, a boxer or a bichon-frise, Ruff Dawg has the right toy for your dog. These 100% superior-grade, rubber-retrieving toys are made in the USA and are great for any size pooch. Founded in 1999 by dog enthusiasts, Ruff Dawg is your source for premium dog toys.

BBS carries a Ruff Dawg becaue we know you want to give your dog a great playtime, while still being economical and environmentally friendly. We take all the guess work out finding that perfect toy by offering Ruff Dawg.

Ruff Dawg’s Fetch Ball comes in vibrant colors and we offer two sizes for dogs above and below 60 pounds. The regular Fetch Ball measure 2.5” in diameter and the XL Fetch Ball measures 3.5” in diamter.  Both of these great balls float in water, are near indestructible and might just become your dog’s favorite ball!

Ruff Dawg Toy Bones come in three sizes to fit your dog—Mini (3”), Regular (5”) and XL (9”). These bone-shaped rubber toys are great fetch and pull toys that are truly tough! However, these bones are a play toy, not a chew toy.

Flying Fish and Minnows are great water retrieval toys for your dog! The brightly colored, fish-shaped toys are floatable and fun! The Flying Fish is the large version for a bigger pup and the minnow is the small variety. These fish even include a hole to attach a rope for easier retrieval for you!

For the ultimate way to “catch some air” try out Ruff Dawgs line of K-9 Flyers! These flying discs are flexible rubber that come in vivid color combinations and really soar. If your dog is a Frisbee lover, then this toy will easily become his favorite and longest lasting disc ever! K-9 Flyers come in standard sizes as well as a Junior size for smaller pups.

Just to prove how tough these toys are, especially the K-9 Flyer, check out this amazing video! Three dogs taking on 1 K-9 flyer? Does this Ruff Dawg toy have what it takes?

Check out the rest of the Ruff Dawg line including Rocks, Supertugs, Fetch Sticks, Fetch Twigs and more at Best Bully! We even have a complete line of Frisbees for Dogs!

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