Rescue Dogs: Then and Now- Potter of It’s A Pittie Rescue

Introducing another Rescue Dog story! Each year, Best Bully Sticks holds multiple charity contests to bring awareness to rescue dogs who need forever homes and reward their organizations with dog treat prizes!
      In 2013, It’s A Pittie Rescue entered this cute pittie, Potter, in our Thanksgiveaway Contest.
They wrote, “Potter has been abused terribly in his young life but he hasn’t let that stop him from being a loving boy! He had chemical burns down his back, a broken tail, and spine problems…but he is one of the most lovable and sweet dogs around!”
     His owner, Gina, is president of It’s A Pittie Rescue. She cared for him and loved him so much, she decided to adopt him! She provided an update on how Potter is doing now.
    “Although he is doing well, he had orthopedic surgery a year ago and needs a couple more surgeries. In spite of having bad hips, luxating patellar and ACL issues, he still loves life!”
Potter Rescue Dog 2015_cr
Just look at this happy boy!
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