Rescue Dogs, Then and Now: Hooch of Marley’s Mutts

Dog welfare is very important to Best Bully Sticks, and one way we give back to non-profits across the country is through charitable donations and contests. 

Today we share with you the story of one of our rescue dog contest winners from 2015, Hooch, the French Mastiff. Here is Hooch’s story:

Hooch french mastiff rescue dog

Hooch had his tongue savagely ripped out of his mouth, his ears chopped off, and his tail broken. When he came to the shelter in Bakersfield, CA, he was malnourished and forty pounds underweight. Today, Hooch is a healthy, happy and very agile guy! His favorite pastimes include doing ballet while playing ball, slobbering all over everything, snuggling, and visiting kids with autism and other disabilities, spreading inspiration, hope and love everywhere he goes!

We reached out to Marley’s Mutts to get an update on lovable Hooch from founder Zach Skow, who we interviewed back in 2014. Here’s what he had to say:

Hooch continues to thrive. Life without a tongue hasn’t slowed him down the slightest and much of his focus has been on helping others. Hooch is an ambassador for all abused animals and applies himself by educating children and adults county-wide. Hooch is a staple at the Valley Achievement Center for autistic youth.


Therapy Dog for Children:Hooch with autistic youth

From a teacher at Valley Achievement Center:
All of the children’s eyes would light up when Hooch walked through the door. He was so calming to them and would let them lay across his body and snuggle him as much as they needed. Many of these children cannot have pets because of their unpredictable and sometimes aggressive behaviors.Hooch provided them a magical experience of being around another misunderstood being, and the children and dog connected in a way that can only be explained by seeing it in person. Words were not needed, just love.

But Hooch doesn’t just help children. We adults also benefit from the calming presence of canines!

hooch hose 1



Hooch, Therapy Pet for Adults:

Hooch has come with us to visit with the women and men at the Mission at Kern County. These are individuals in residential drug and alcohol recovery, whom we educate about dog handling and pet care as part of our Life and Vocational Skills classes there.

Here the ladies are giving Hooch a bath in the summertime and trimming his nails. He loves people and loves attention, and I feel that he knows when people need for him to just…BE HOOCH…in their presence. It calms people and makes them happy.




icon-01Best Bully Sticks thanks Marley’s Mutts and Liz Kover for providing this update on Hooch- we love to hear of rescue dogs whose lives have turned upside down like Hooch’s!

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