14 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work: 101 Dog Care Tips

*Jun 22 - 00:05*Are you lucky enough to work for a pet-friendly company or own your own business? Then as a pet owner bringing  your dog to work is a quite a perk.  Well, before you pack of your dogs briefcase, lunchbox and head to the office here are some pet etiquette tips for a working dog.

1. Take only well-behaved socialized pets who are comfortable around strangers. If your pet shows any sign of  aggressive towards people & other pets, especially co-workers leave at home.

2. Your dog should have basic obedience training and understand commands, such as SIT, STAY, No and DOWN.

3. Make sure pet vaccinations are up to date and that you have a current vaccination records on hand. Also, remember your dog will most likely come in contact with other dogs so it is best if your pet is spayed or neutered.

4. Fight the war on fleas by taking the proper precaution. Use flea preventive before taking your pet to work.

5.  Groom your dog to put his or her best paw forward. Bathe, brush and clip nails before office visits. Remember smelly and dirty pets don’t make good co-workers resulting in a filled up complaint box.

6. Proper work accommodations is important for your pets safety. Make sure your cubicle or office can comfortably accommodate your dog.

7. Don’t forget to pack your dogs lunch bag & other basic necessities. Make a list of items to bring, so you don’t forget. Bring bowls, food, treats, chews, leash, collars w/tags,  pet carrier, toys, poop bags, clean up supplies (in case of an accident).

8. You are your pets top dog & supervisor.  With such a great privilege comes much responsibility. Dogs must be kept on leash, and/or in a closed office or cubicle, or in a crate. You can even create a sturdy cubicle barrier or put up a folding fence. If you have an office then postage notes will become your best friend. Post a note on your door to alert other co-workers & delivery people that you have a pet in your office.

9. Reward your dog with treats & praise for good behavior.

10. Be sensitive respectful of people with allergies and fear of dogs.

11. Make sure your dog use his or her library bark. Keep the dog quiet, especially during conference calls.

12. Avoid taking dogs to company meetings which can be a major distraction.

13. Some areas of the work-place should be office limits. Designate pet-free zones such as conference rooms, restrooms and cafeterias. You don’t want your dog begging for co-workers lunch in the cafeteria.

14. Give your dog a potty break & clean up. Plan your day so you can walk your dog outside a few times during the day. With all the excitement of  new surroundings your dog may need more breaks.  Remember to clean up with poop bags in hand.

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