Product Spotlight: Bully Sticks

As part of our new social and digital campaigns, we really want to focus on education of Best Bully Sticks as both a product and a company. Today’s post will focus on our main product: Bully Sticks.

We get the question all the time: What exactly is a bully stick?

Bully Sticks are a single ingredient dog treat: They are 100% beef tendon. Our bully sticks are inspected and approved by USDA/FDA and national food inspection authorities, and they come from free-range, grass-fed bulls.

You’ll feel good knowing bully sticks are protein rich, and highly digestible. They’re also 100% natural, in contrast to chemically-treated rawhides that can take ages to digest, invite bacteria growth and even present a choking hazard.

So, why are bully sticks important?

Bully Sticks are a great way to help maintain your dog’s oral hygiene and health. They can prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth, and help to stop the formation of cavities. Bully stick chew toys for dogs can help prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis, both of which can cause not only oral pain, inflammation and tooth decay, but can also lead to chronic and life threatening disease in the heart, liver, kidney and joints when bacteria spread from the mouth throughout the rest of the body.

Bully Sticks are also a great way to occupy your dog in a healthy and non-destructive manner. We always recommend supervision with treats and chews of any kind, but it’s a way to keep them stimulated and entertained for periods of time.

Stan takes about 30 minutes to chew through a 12 inch Bully Stick.

There are Bully Sticks to suit every dog need. If your dog is a slower chewer, our 6-inch Bully Sticks are a perfect choice. For the more aggressive chewers we offer Braided Bully Sticks, long Bully Sticks, and thicker Bully Sticks are a longer lasting chew. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer service team are experts on which chews might be best for your pup and their chewing habits. Feel free to call them at any time to get more information.

Bully Sticks are not the only product that we offer. We also invite you to take advantage of our all-natural dog treats and chews like pig earstrachea, tendons, bones, and gullets, all of which are processed from the healthiest free-range livestock. There’s a treat to serve every taste bud!

Stay tuned for more informative blog posts about our tried and true customer favorites!

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