Plato Dog Treats

Plato Dog Treats

Plato makes some of the finest dog treats on the market today. All of their treats are made in the US and the chicken dog treats are certified organic. Finding dog treats that are made in the US is becoming an increasing rarity and it is always nice to offer something that is made under the scrutiny of the US government.

Plato dog treats currently come in four varieties, however, they are planning on bringing out some new products out soon! The dog treats that are currently available are Kangaroo, Duck, Chicken, and Salmon; all of which have over 90% of the meat ingredient in them. The chicken, duck, and salmon varieties come in 2 sizes with the Kangaroo only coming in one.

The duck and salmon treats are particularly good for dogs with allergies as they are both considered hypo-allergenic meats. Kangaroo is widely considered the most hypo-allergenic meat for dogs, so if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach please consider these. Also, don’t worry about the source of the kangaroo as it is from free range kangaroos that are naturally culled from the population; without culling the population kangaroo’s would become too populous!

Plato is also introducing an excellent salmon oil for dogs and cats which we will be carrying on the site within the next few weeks. This oil is a 100% natural product and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals particularly the Omega 3’s and 6’s. We are sure that this will make a great addition to an already high quality assortment of products from Plato.

As always, make sure to check out our other selection of all natural dog chews and treats, and of course bully sticks….

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