Pampered Pooches: Expensive Dog Excessories

 There’s a certain satisfaction in eating at a nice dining room table. It makes you feel sophisticated, cultured, and human. My dog eats out of a simple plastic bowl I picked up at the local pet store for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that he’s a dog. I can understand having a dog bowl that’s raised a bit for taller dogs that have a hard time really leaning down as they get older, but spending $129 on said dog bowl seems a bit…excessive.  Your dog certainly isn’t going to notice the difference, and when it really comes down to it, it’s not like you’re placing filet mignon in there for them either.  I know we like to personify our pets, but having their eating arrangements outstrip our own seems more like putting them in the Trump Towers while we’re scraping by in a studio apartment.


Dog CarrierYour Dog Travels Better Than You Do

Not that I’ve ever flown first class, but even when I’m flying in the back of the plane, I expect a certain level of service (at least I used to).  With that in mind, it confuses me that some people would spend more on a carrier for their dog than most of us spend on plane tickets…to Europe.  $690 might seem a bit excessive for a dog carrier to you, but you have to remember that this particular one is made from leather, has numerous flaps for their dog treats, and is stylish beyond measure.  This bag screams “my dog lives better than I do” to anybody that sees the two of you together.  Sure you’re driving around in a minivan that’s older than your kids, but as far as your dog is concerned, he’s in a Bentley the entire time.


Dog Mink CoatYour Dog Dresses Better Than You Do

I want my dog to look good.  This usually means regular grooming, getting his nails clipped, and brushing him.  This does not include buying my dog a mink coat.  Yes…you read that correctly.  People have been known to buy their dogs mink coats.  I don’t own a mink coat.  I don’t even own anything approaching a mink coat in my closet.  The idea of a mink coat for dogs is strange since dogs are, at least typically, covered in fur.  And yet, for only $70, you too can get your dog a pink mink coat that will confirm that you love your dog more than you love yourself.

Like I’ve said, we all love to pamper our dogs, but there comes a certain point when all of us have to be careful about crossing over into excess.  Dogs don’t care about mink coats and $300 beds.They want bully sticks, lamb treats for dogs, and somebody to scratch their bellies.  Keep that in mind the next time you see that diamond encrusted dog collar that you’ve been wanting to buy your dog.

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