Camping With Your Dog – The Essentials.

As dog owners, we know that our pups love to roam with what freedom the wilderness has to offer. As our fur babies are very smart and capable of being in their natural habitat, there are certain items we can bring along to make their camping experience more enjoyable… and even ours!


  1. 20-foot Leash/Tether

Even though you may have a very behaved dog or one whom you’re OK with roaming – a long leash will come in handy for portions (if not all) of your trip. Depending on how many other dogs are in the vicinity this can stand especially true. When you’re ready to relax, you won’t want to worry about chasing your four-legged friend around. Plus – if you are camping in an unknown or new location, this will keep them safe, out of harms way and in-sight.


Note: many campsites will not allow you to tie your dog to a tree so you will need to bring a stake. If you have more than one dog we suggest you tie them slightly apart from one another. The last thing you want to do while trying to enjoy the great outdoors is untangle a giant knot of rope.


  1. Bed and Plastic Tarp

Whether your dog is sleeping in your tent or sleeping outside, a tarp is very important to have under his bed when he sleeps at night. Otherwise the cool, moist air could come up from the ground and chill him. Just as sleeping in cool, damp environments is not comfortable for humans, it is not comfortable for our dogs either!


  1. EXTRA Food & Water

As the loving, responsible dog parents we are, we know to pack food and water just as we would for any occasion. However, you should make sure to pack more than the normal amount if you have not done much camping with your pup! Especially if you are adventuring out in the peak seasons when the sun is at its highest point.


  1. Glow Sticks!

Yes.. glow sticks. You may be wondering what this possibly could be used for but once you try this trick you may never want to go anywhere without them! Simply activate the light in the glow stick and attach it to your dog’s collar! If you allow him to roam the campsite during night hours, you won’t lose sight of him, (depending on his level of curiosity)! Glow sticks stay lit for several hours – have fun with this one!


  1. A Map

I know, I know… it’s the 21st century and everything we own is digital BUT when camping, you may be off the grid. Your lovely and very capable smart-phone may not be so capable in this situation. So, take an old-fashioned map; mark your location, check your surroundings and make sure everything is SAFE for you and your pup to do some exploring.


  1. Vaccination Records

This may seem silly but better safe than sorry! Perhaps very few, but some state parks require vaccination records in order to camp at their park. It would not be fun to arrive at your destination and be forced to turn around. It always pays to be prepared!



  1. Best Bully Sticks Treats!

Last but obviously not least… we recommend you pack our single-ingredient, all natural chews with you on your trip. It keeps your pups happy and perhaps occupied while you get the camp-site set up! Follow the link to check out our highest quality treats and chews!


While there are a ton of things to take with you while camping, we wanted to highlight just a few key items. If you think we need to add anything, let us know! Thanks for being a part of our crew, we appreciate you!







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