Our Biggest, Longest Lasting Dog Chews Ever

Monster Dog Chews

We have just recently launched two new and exciting products on Best Bully Sticks! We are introducing two new huge dog chews for the “big guys”, as we are asked constantly to find longer lasting all natural dog chews especially for giant or aggressive breeds.

Our first new product is the Jumbo Bully Stick; these are 30-50% larger in terms of diameter than our thick bully sticks and will last much longer as well!  These sticks are truly a rarity in that they are low odor, all natural, and extremely thick.  They should last about as long as a 12″ braided bully stick. As with all of our bully sticks we don’t add any “extra stuff” like peroxide or potassium to make them “odorless”; we believe in keeping our products as natural as possible and any beef product should have a faint smell of beef to it….if it is truly natural.

Our second new product is the Monster Antlerz dog chew.  These are humongous…that is really the only way to describe them.  They should last even the biggest of dogs several weeks to several months depending on chewing time.   These Antlerz are about 6-8″ in length and about 6-8″ in circumference (wrapping a tape measure around the product).  Like the other Antlerz products, these are very high in trace minerals, which add some great health benefits to these chews also.  There are no other products on the market like this and it is about time that there is a natural dog chew available for “giant” breed dogs that will last an extremely long amount of time.

As usual, thank you for your continued patronage and support….we will continue to work on finding new and innovative all natural products for your furry friends.

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