October is National Adopt-A-Dog Month : Happy Tails Adoption Stories


Rescuing a dog in need is one of the best things you can do. Abandoned dogs and rescued dogs are still good dogs and will make even better loyal companions. Some have had the misfortune of being abandoned or mistreated by there previous owners leaving them in desperate need of good, loving home. Or perhaps the previous owner was unable to financial meet the needs or properly care for the dog so decided to give it up for adoption. So, adopt & rescue a loving dog today!

In honor of October’s National Adopt-A- Dog Month we wanted to share with you some real life, heartwarming adoption stories of courageous dogs who overcame hardships and found their forever home.  Thank you all for submitting your doggy adoption stories.

Happy Tails : Heartwarming Doggy Adoption Stories

5 days after I had to put my first cattle dog down (he was 16), in Feb 2008, we drove 5 hours on my birthday to a WV shelter to adopt a blue, cattle dog puppy!!! He was the start of my pack. May 2009, my husband surprised me with a red female cattle dog puppy that was scheduled for euthanization. Jan 2010, I adopted a Dobe/ wire haired Jack Russell. What a goofy pack of dogs I have… I love them all!!!


I’m a volunteer transporter for dogs and on a transport in April 2008 I met a beautiful BBD (big black dog) who I just totally fell in love with. She was on her way to rescue from a shelter where she was almost euthanized. I had to have her! I adopted her in May of that year and she’s been just the BEST dog for the past couple years. Someday we hope to adopt a second dog.


We adopted our new baby rat terrier a month ago. He made his trip from Arkansas to Maine without a glitch. He was found in a ditch with his brother and sister, and rescued by their wonderful foster mom. He is doing great at family living, and loves is new Labrador sister! He is a part of the family and we are happy to have him!


I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. 2 dogs and 3 cats were adopted from Humane Societies but Diva’s story is the most outstanding. Diva was born and raised outside. The only human contact she had was when her owner plunked down food and water for her and the three other puppies, turned on his heel, and went back inside. She had never seen a vet, nor had she received any training. So when she stepped into a kennel at Bangor Humane Society, she and her sister Flash (the only living creature she thought she could trust) huddled way in the back, shaking and growling at anyone who came near. Dawn(adoption counselor extraordinaire )was worried. She knew from experience that an animal that’s never been socialized runs the risk of permanent emotional damage.

When Diva, a six-month-old German shepherd/husky mix, and her three siblings arrived at the shelter, they weren’t in bad shape – physically. “They were somewhat skinny,” said adoption counselor Dawn Weber, “but they had no serious health issues.” “All Diva needed,” said Dawn, “was a good bath. She was really dirty and smelly – like her sisters and brother – but she was pretty scared. As soon as she would let us, we bathed her and brushed her out.” Diva makes a great first impression. But she’s been adopted and returned to BHS a whopping five times.

Apparently her indifferent upbringing left her very timid, so she defends herself by growling and barking. That’s why she’s been in foster care with John and Kathy Field since May. And she’s come a long way. “She’s really a lovable little twerp,” said John. “When we first brought her home, she was scared of everything. She’d shy away from us,
avoiding all contact, and bark simply because she was afraid.” Now, she still has some quirky barking behaviors – apparently, she doesn’t like people to take showers and lets them know it; but she’s become a great jogging partner and a star in her agility and obedience class. She’ll chase a ball and bring it back for as long as you want, and she “gets along well with others” at daycare. “She’s a quick study,” said John, “a really smart little girl.” The Fields have learned some simple and effective strategies to deal with Diva’s barking. “Despite her behaviors,” said Kathy, “Diva really loves to be with people – she follows us everywhere.” She’s not aggressive; she’s never bitten anyone – she just lacks confidence in herself. The Fields think she’d be a wonderful pet for a dog-savvy family that understands where she’s come from and are willing to work with her. (Quoted in it’s entirety from Bangor Humane Society newsletter)

That’s when I adopted Diva in October 2008. I already had 2 dogs, Bodie and Duncan, but had watched her story unfold on the BHS website and just had to bring Diva home where she belonged. I have found her to be an extraordinarily sweet and loving girl with a ton of exuberance! She has a special fondness for children and dotes on them when they come for visits (my grandnephews and next door neighbor). Diva is still a bit fearful of new people but has truly come a long way since becoming a part of our family. And I have grown and become a better person (I sincerely believe) as a result of having adopted Diva. Yes, she now has her much-deserved forever home‼♥


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OK Go’s latest video, for the song “White Knuckles,” features a dozen rescue pups, a pro-adoption message and choreography that was two years in the making. (Find out how they made the video on the dog trainer’s blog.)


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