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At Best Bully Sticks we consider your pets part of our family, and like our beloved Sushi & Espy only want to give your furry family the best.  We are excited to bring you lots of new items in 2010, along with many we have already launched. We are constantly searching for the best of the best so if you have any feedback or product suggestions please let us know. Please be sure to check out our New Products for everything we have added in the last month. Here’s just a small sample of the wide variety of amazing new products you’ll find in our Best Bully Sticks online catalog:

Cocotherapy-Island Love For Your Pet

Picture 8Your pups & kitties will love the taste of coconut. Its incredibly healthy and you can feel good about dishing it out every single day. Our Cocotherapy products are 100% all natural, USDA organic,  human grade and enjoyed by everyone. This is a delicious treat for your dog or cat.

We offer Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Coconut Chips, which not only taste good but is good for your pets health and well being.

*the perfect health food
*reduces allergic reactions & improves skin & coat
*strengthens immune system
*improves digestion and metabolism
*significant source of anti-oxidants
*highly curative with many health benefits

Alaska Naturals- Excellent Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Alaska Naturals is your source for natural, USA-made, chemical-free salmon oil pet products. The quality-assurance team is involved from the source to the shelf using a sophisticated processes and  genuine concern for producing the very-best pet supplements and snacks.

Enhance your pet’s health and well-being by simply adding a measured amount of Alaska Naturals® Wild Alaska Salmon Oil to your pet’s food each day, per package instructions. The salmon oil comes in 3 distinct formulas below!

Original Formula
alaskasalmonProvides a rich source of natural Omega-3 essential fatty acids that supports and promotes healthy skin and glossy coat, a healthy immune system, cardiovascular health and healthy brain development. And, our oils are stabilized with natural rosemary extract to maintain freshness and taste.
Available in 8oz., 16oz. and 32oz. Dispensers for Dogs and 4oz. Dispenser for Cats

Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM Formula

Provides all of the benefits of our Traditional formula with the added benefits of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to help promote healthy bone and connective tissue. Available in 16oz. Dispenser

Probiotic Formula
Adds an ideal balance of probiotics and digestive enzymes to our Traditional formula, supporting digestion and absorption.
Available in 16oz. Dispenser

All Natural Alaskan Bear Crunch Nuggets Dog Treats are here!

alaskan_bear_crunch_nuggetsOur Alaskan Bear Crunch Nuggets are sure to be a hit, whether your pooch is big or small. They contain no artificial preservatives, wheat and grain free, no cheap fillers or flours, no coloring, or harmful by-products.

They are loaded with OMEGA Fatty Acids, protein, and powerful antioxidants due to the salmon and berries in them. They are sure to give your pup a turbo-boost of health.

No farmed fish – ever… Just pure Wild Alaskan Salmon. Alaskan Bear catches the fish each year with their own fleet. Which means that they control the entire process, from the boat to the store, so you’re guaranteed that care is put into every treat they make.

Aikou Interactive Dog Bowl & Game

Aikiou_bowl_gameFor those of you who have pooches who gobble down their food or who just want to have a little fun while they eat, this is for you. Dogs need intellectual stimulation as well as physical activity. The Akiou (pronounced “IQ”) Interactive Bowl was developed to meet that need. It gives your dog a chance to solve problems in the form of an interactive game between you and your dog. But besides using the Akiou as an anytime educational and fun activity, you can also use it as a food dish for meals. Because your dog will have to “forage” for his dinner, he will be eating his more slowly. This is a great way to slow down dogs that inhale their food.

The Akiou bowl has four double compartments, each with a sliding door that moves back and forth, and six compartments with a large spinning door. You hide the food in the compartments and the dog accesses the hidden food by turning the wheel and opening the sliding doors. The spinning door comes off for ease of cleaning.

Note: The Akiou is designed for you and your dog to have fun together. The dog should not be left unsupervised with the bowl.

Get a New Leash on Life with Krebs Recycle!

krebs_leash_6ftAt Krebs Recycle, they are remaking the way dog leashes are made. Our Krebs Recycle dog leashes are fashioned from durable, pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled nylon climbing rope. In fact, they don’t recycle rope, they up-cycle it, which is better than recycling because they use the rope in its original form and extend its life by transforming it into a dog leash. There are no carbon-intensive recycling processes to turn the rope into something else. So you get a great leash, the rope stays out of the landfill, and the environment gets a break.

Choose from the Krebs Reggie 6′ Leash & Krebs Ruby 4′ Leash
* Made from durable recycled nylon climbing rope
* Rope width falls within 10-10.5 mm range
* Heat-shrink tubing protects hand-sewn knot from weather, wear & tear, and dirt
* Swivel snap for easy connection to leash

Because these leashes are made from recycled climbing rope, no two are alike. You may request in the comments section what main color you prefer, but we can not guarantee specific colors.


Do you have a bone to pick with us?

Our dog chews & bones are all natural, and from either Brazilian or US meat sources. If you have a highly aggressive chewers then you came to the right place. Your dogs will fall in love with our grrreat selection, while you go gaga over our amazing prices! We are constantly adding new dog bones & chews, so make sure to check back often. Better yet sign up for our newsletter and receive the inside scoop on new products, special saving & discounts & stay up to date on Best Bully Sticks happenings for 2010. We have some wonderful things in store worth barking about, so sniff around our site daily!

Give the gift of  a good chew.  Delicious & all natural, the way nature intended!

Please make sure to check out our growing selection of dog treats, dog chews, and of course our  bully sticks . Try our NEW Odorless Odor free all natural free range bully sticks!

A picture is worth a thousand words, or shall we say free bully sticks!

Our photo gallery is growing constantly, please submit a photo of your dog enjoying any of our products to enter our twice monthly contest! Each month we will have a drawing on those customers who submitted pictures to the gallery and a winner will be chosen and posted on the site. The winner will win more bully sticks!

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