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At Best Bully Sticks we consider your pets part of our family, and like our beloved Sushi & Espy only want to give your furry family the best.  We are excited to bring you lots of new items in 2010, along with many we have already launched. We are constantly searching for the best of the best so if you have any feedback or product suggestions please let us know. Please be sure to check out our New Products for everything we have added in the last month. Here’s just a small sample of the wide variety of amazing new products you’ll find in our Best Bully Sticks online catalog.

Discover Firsthand why Best Shot  is what the pros use!

With Flea season just around the corner, no need to frown we have some great news. Best Shot grooming products is your best shot for defense in this flea eat dog world. Don’t take our word for it, give them a try!

Best Shot Flea and Tick Combo Pack

best_shot_flea_tick Use what the professionals use! Introducing the Best Shot Flea and Tick Combo Pack. This pack contains the Best Shot Flea & Tick shampoo and the Best Shot Flea, Tick, & Fly spray, both are 16 oz. bottles and the Fleas & Tick spray comes with a spray top.

Best Shot’s specially formulated Flea & Tick shampoo is detergent and soap free, fortified with soothing aloe vera gel, and safe for puppies at 10 weeks and kittens at 12 weeks. It swiftly kills fleas, ticks, lice & larvae. Perfect for active outdoor pets and those living in regional climates where rampant flea & tick problems persist. Finished with Best Shot’s trademark mint scent.

Best Shot’s Fly, Flea & Tick Spray kills fleas, lice, and ticks on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, horses & foals. It effectively repels flies, gnats, and mosquitoes for up to 2-3 days. Best of all, its fortified with soothing aloe, lanolin conditioner, and sunscreen for added UV protection. So now they’ll not only feel better, they will look their best too!

Best Shot Ultra Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler Combo Pack

best_shot_ultraSay “Hello” to Best Shot Shampoo and “Goodbye” to Fleas! We are excited to launch Best Shot Ultra Flea Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler Combo Pack. Best Shot’s “Original” formula for dogs and cats is their legendary 3-Step system designed to minimize effort and maximize results. This combo pack contains a 12 oz. Shampoo, 12 oz. Conditioner, and a 16 oz. Detangler Spray.

Eliminates the need for pre-bath brushing and significantly reduces after brushing time. Naturally detergent free and protein enriched for all coat and skin types.

Features our Coat Release™ formula to demat & detangle coat in the tub, especially double coats and shedding. Peppermint spearmint essential oils provide a natural deodorizer leaving the coat smelling fresh and clean.

Merrick Entree’s- Give Your Dog the Taste of the Good Life!

Merrick’s delicious entrees are specially prepared for your furry companion. Our holistic can entrées read like a menu at a five star gourmet restaurant and are unique to say the least. These meals combine the fine quality of human grade ingredients from the protein sources that we use as the number one ingredient to the fresh vegetables and fruits that we add to all of these special dishes. These meals are great for your dog because they are loaded with nutrition.

The specialty of our foods here at Merrick is the details and one of those details is the apples we use. We use Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Red varieties to give our meals the special Merrick touch, and we pair them with the entrée that they compliment best. After all, this is a five star menu, right? We want youryour canine companion to have a taste of the good life today. Give these entree’s a try and treat your dog like royalty. Here’s whats cookin…

granny_pot_pieMerrick Grammy’s Pot Pie

Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Merrick Wingaling

Merrick Chews- Giving Your Dog Something to Chew About!

Merrick Quality Brand innovative and unique chews have been given to pets by the owners that love them for over 10 years now. Today, our little furry friends depend on us just as much as they did then, only now we have a bigger selection of great treats, rewards and snacks. Merrick has an extensive collection of high quality, premium, meaty flavored dog chews. For your dogs chewing pleasure we are proud to offer them to you.

merrick_porkyMerrick Porky Jerky Knuckle Bone

This is a great bone for small to medium sized pooches. Made of premium quality pork, this Porky Jerky Knuckle Bone creates long lasting chewing pleasure, while providing a great meaty flavor.

Merrick Tank Knuckle Bone

The Merrick Tank Meaty bone is a sliced version of the knuckle bone. It is a great size for medium to large size dogs and has the same smoked, meaty flavor that our pooches love. This is a beef knuckle bone and a product of the USA! The bone measures approximately 15 inches in circumference.

Merrick General Panton Natural Bone

This is an all natural beef bone that is sure to please your pooch for days. They are great for medium to large sized dogs. The “General” is 7-9 inches long. The ends are 2-3 inches wide and the middle is 1 1/2-2 inches wide.

Merrick Naturally Stuffed Twin Hoofers

twin_hoofersDouble your pleasure with our Twin Hoofers. All the flavor of our single hoofer but twice the durability. All hooves contain natural stuffing that we leave in while we process these rugged chews. This means that once your lovely canine reaches the exterior hoof they have officially moved into the bonus round.

If your dog is hungry for more, please don’t forget to check out other Merrick products!

Did you say carob dipped bully sticks? 6 Inch Carob Dipped Standard Bully Sticks 6inchdipped1

What’s better than a bully stick alone, but a carob dipped bully stick! Dogs love em! Handmade right in our facility, these are our standard 6″, free range, odor free bully sticks dipped in unsweetened carob (the dog safe, chocolate alternative) and then rolled in delicious unsweetened, all natural coconut and oatmeal. This 3 pack contains one carob and coconut dipped bully stick, one carob and oatmeal dipped bully stick, and one dipped in only carob. They come wrapped in a cellophane bag and are perfect for a gift or just for a good boy/girl treat. These are sure to make your pooch flip for more!

StarMark Training Clicker- Teaching an Old New Tricks Just Got Easier!

clickerStarMark Training Clicker is a must when you’re going to teach your dog some new tricks or commands. Developed by the Training Directors from the World Leader in Pet Education and our international school for professional dog trainers, the StarMark Clicker utilizes scientifically proven animal behavior principles for fast, fun learning. The  StarMark Clicker helps you communicate with your dog more effectively. This small unit has ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use, just press the button to prevent missed clicks. StarMark Training Clicker is made with stainless steel element which won’t rust, you can also attach it to a keychain. To reward your dog, click the button and give your dog a treat, so he/she will learn to associate that action with a reward. This clicker comes with a free step by step training guide! Learn how to easily teach your dog basic to advanced obedience exercises, solve behavior problems, and teach fun tricks and more, while gaining an understanding of how dogs learn.

Do you have a bone to pick with us?

Our dog chews & bones are all natural, and from either Brazilian or US meat sources. If you have a highly aggressive chewers then you came to the right place. Your dogs will fall in love with our grrreat selection, while you go gaga over our amazing prices! We are constantly adding new dog bones & chews, so make sure to check back often. Better yet sign up for our newsletter and receive the inside scoop on new products, special saving & discounts & stay up to date on Best Bully Sticks happenings for 2010. We have some wonderful things in store worth barking about, so sniff around our site daily!

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Since you are our most valuable resource and we want Best Bully Sticks to be your go-to source for great pooch stuff, we need your help! Please let us know what you think we should offer, and how you think we can improve our website, for your best possible shopping experience with us. We will carefully consider all ideas.

Give the gift of  a good chew.  Delicious & all natural, the way nature intended!

Please make sure to check out our growing selection of dog treats, dog chews, and of course our  bully sticks . Try our NEW Odorless Odor free all natural free range bully sticks!

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