Nature-Nosh Organic Dog Treats

Nature-Nosh Organic Dog Treats

We are very proud to announce the launch of Nature-Nosh organic dog treats on our we store.  Nature Nosh is natural, made in the US, has great ingredients, and best of all is certified USDA organic.  The “Nosh” comes in three flavors; Beef Wellington, Turkranberry Souffle, and Chicken Parmesan.  Amazingly, all three of the flavors smell exactly like their names and it is namely due to the ingredients in these treats.  Each of the treats is a small rectangular shape about 1″ x 2″.  The treats come in 14 ounce re-closable jars and are sure to become one of your dog(s) favorite treats.

According the the Nature-Nosh web site:

NatureNosh® has created a line of ultra premium organic gourmet dog treats that do not have any animal by-products, fillers, hormones, chemical preservatives, pesticides, herbicides or that contain corn, wheat, egg or soy. In doing this, we have accomplished our goal of creating the first truly certified organic meat based gourmet dog treat.”

We hope that you enjoy these awesome treats and are able to find great natural products for your dogs on our site!

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