Mailmans Best Friend Contest Entry 1

Dangerously Cute Puppy,

Mailman’s Best Friend Contest Entry 1

Here is one of the Entries we received for the Mail Man’s Best Friend Contest.

“Every mail carrier seems to have their own dog story, and this one is mine. I had been working a rural route outside of Charleston, South Carolina for a few months when one day I had a little puppy burst out from some bushes and yip at me. I reached down to pet the dog and he took a nip at my finger. Didn’t break the skin, but it wasn’t fun. The doggie would pop out every couple of days as I did my route and yip at me, sometimes playful, sometimes not.

It became a regular thing, and by the time winter rolled around, the dog came out, no longer yipping. I reached down, scooped up what turned out to be a she with no dog tags, and got myself a new pet. She still yips at me, just now she does it after work, instead of during it.”

Submitted by Sandy L,  S.C

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