Leona Helmsley Leaves 8 Billion To Dogs

Leona Helmsley, real estate magnate, has left 8 billion US dollars to Dog Care.  I couldn’t believe it myself when I saw it on the news…but at this point it appears to be true.  Helmsley has directed that most of her entire fortune be left for the care and well being of dogs, even though this is pretty wide open I am sure that they will find plenty of worthy causes.  I think that this type of philanthropy will do wonders for dog care and rescue groups all over the US and in fact several hundred have already applied to the foundation for funding.  I am curious to see what the outcome of all this will be.

In case you are worried about Helmsley’s own dog….don’t!  In her will she left the dog 12 million for dog treats, food, and care, but a judge has recently awarded 10 million of that amount to be split between two of her grandchildren.  I thought that this actual data was also pretty interesting, the court has decided the following:

$190,000 (per year for ten years for Trouble), which includes his $60,000 guardian fee, $100,000 for ’round-the-clock security, $8,000 for grooming, $3,000 for miscellaneous expenses, $1,200 for food and anywhere from $2,500 to $18,000 for medical care.

Based on this data I would have to say that Trouble is living better than most of us are!

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