Lamb Hock Bones With Tendons / Lamb Pizzles

Lamb Hock Bones with Tendons / Lamb Pizzles

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new lamb products on our site.  Both of these treats/chews are all natural and made in the United States.  The lamb hock bone is basically the “foot” of the lamb with the tendon still attached.  We recommend this dog bone particularly for dogs under 3o pounds in weight.  These bones are a great value and are sure to please the little guys/gals out there.

The second lamb product that we are launching are the Lamb Pizzle, this is the “bully stick” of a lamb and these are sure to be just as popular.  They are very skinny so they are going to be more of a treat for the bigger guys.  We sell them as twists which is basically just two pizzles twisted together.

Please make sure to check out all of our other products as we continue to grow and try to bring the best all natural dog chews and treats to all of you!

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