Lamb Heart Dog Treats

Lamb Heart Dog Treats

Lamb Hearts are a new and exclusive addition to our growing natural lamb dog treat lineup! Lamb Hearts are about 3″x3.5″ and are just dehydrated lamb hearts. They are are reddish brown in color and are quickly becoming a favorite new treat. We are currently the only place to buy these exciting new treats! Lamb Hearts are organ meat and as such they are sure to become very popular with our customers who already feed a raw dog food diet! We have copied an excerpt from Pet Grub about organ meat as follows:

  • There are two approaches to feeding organ meat:

    1. Feed organ meats in larger amounts twice per week.

    2. Feed organ meats every day but in smaller amounts

  • Organ meats are a nutrient dense source of food and too much organ meat is not good. As an example, liver is high in oil soluble vitamin A (not to be confused with the vegetable source of vitamin A also known as beta carotene). If you feed too much liver then you will actually cause liver stones because liver stones are created when the body gets too much oil soluble vitamin A. In fact, the Inuit are well known for eating Polar Bear liver and as a result, a lot of Inuit suffer (especially in the past) from liver stones.

  • If you choose option 1 and thus feed organ meats twice per week, then the organ meat should be approximately 50% of the meat source. So let’s say, as an example, you were feeding 1 cup of meat. In this situation you would then use approximately 1/2 cup organ meat and 1/2 cup muscle meat.

  • If you choose option 2 and thus feed organ meat every day then approximately 10% of the meat source should be organ meat. So let’s say again, as an example, that you were feeding 1 cup of meat. In this situation you would add approximately 1/8 of a cup as organ meat and the rest as muscle meat.

  • Hearts are a great item because of their high concentration of Taurine an essential amino acid

We feel that they did a great job summing up how and why to feed organ meats are are sure that your dogs will love these lamb hearts. They are better used as supplements or treats rather than chews except for small dogs!

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