Labor Day Dangers and Pet Safety : 101 Dog Care Tips- Tip 125

Labor Day Dangers and Pet SafetyLabor Day is almost here, and what better way to spend your last summer party than with your pooch? Good food, friends, and fun are all essential for Labor Day celebrations, but is your dog prepared for the festivities? Here is a list of dangers for your dog to avoid during this Labor Day to ensure he/she stays healthy and happy all weekend long.

1. Heat stroke – Hydration is crucial for dogs. Did you know a dog can overheat in just a matter of minutes? If your dog has a heavy coat, he or she is more susceptible to heat stroke. Consistently monitor body temperature and be able to notice anything out the ordinary. Symptoms of heat stroke are panting heavily, a rapid pulse, glazed eyes, a deep red or purple tongue, vomiting, sticky, thick saliva, lethargy, or any unsteadiness or staggering. Heat exhaustion, stress, or stroke is extremely serious and can be fatal. Remember–NEVER leave your pet alone in the car even for a few minutes. This is the most common cause of heat stroke.

2. Paw burns – Have you ever walked on a scorching patio or beach without sandals? Imagine how your pooch feels this Labor Day when your porch is so hot you could cook an egg on it. Make sure there is a shady place near the party for your dog to hang out. Also, be careful while grilling. A hot grill plus a curious dog can lead to disaster. We recommend putting your pooch inside when the grill is on, but if you insist, watch him or her closely. If you see him get burned, or any signs that he did (limping, licking his paws, cracked or blistering skin or pads), apply a cold, wet compress, clean the area with pet-safe ointment or aloe vera, and wrap with gauze.

3. Dogs get sunburned too! – Contrary to popular belief, your dog can get sunburned and needs protection. Hairless, light skinned, light colored, shaved, or pink-nosed pups are especially in danger of being burned. We recommend doing one of two things for pet sun protection. Pick up a non-toxic, fragrance free doggie sunscreen like Vet’s Best Sun Relief spray; or, another option is baby sunscreen. A lotion works best with heavy coated dogs since you can rub it through the coat to the skin. Essential areas are the ears, bridge of the nose, nose, and the underside of his body.

4. Swimming time – If your dog loves to swim, this section is for you. Most of us love to enjoy the water during Labor Day weekend, and your pooch probably does too. If he isn’t a good swimmer, a doggie life preserver would be a good idea. Never leave a dog unattended when swimming. Also, don’t let him drink pool or ocean water. Pool water contains chlorine and the ocean contains salt, both of which can be harmful and can dehydrate your pet. Make sure you have fresh water available at all times.

5. Human foods are not for pets – Who doesn’t like barbequed food? But it’s not for dogs, and you must resist the urge to give them a treat from the grill. If you’re having a big Labor Day party, you might want to consider putting up a sign for your guests that says “Please do not feed the pets.” Some foods are toxic to dogs, such as onions, grapes, mushrooms, avocados, lunch meat, and more. Plus, dogs have very sensitive tummies. Even the smallest amount of food can upset their stomach and cause diarrhea or vomiting.

6. Traveling by car – Many of us travel to friends or family by car during Labor Day weekend. If you plan to bring your pooch in the car, you might want to consider a few things. If your dog has never traveled by car before, get him accustomed prior to travel. Making him feel comfortable will significantly reduce car sickness. Also, a dog restraint (doggy seat belt) is always recommended. This will help keep the dog from being a distraction to the driver, as well as keeping him safe.

The long Labor Day weekend is meant to be enjoyed by both humans and dogs. Be prepared, keep your canine safe, and don’t let one of these dangers for your dog put a damper on your festivities.

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